US Airways A330-300

Boy o boy im praying for this 🤞🏽

Yes please 😍

I know the a330-300 is coming, it would so amazing if this can get added


Honestly US airways has my favorite livery and this would be an amazing addition.

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IK , its so sad american retired them

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This is a spectacular livery…



just saying “yes” and literally nothing else seems illegal cuz that’s only 3 characters.

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This would be a great addition in the new rework

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Bumping this topic again. We need this beautiful livery!!!

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This Is perfect the developers did a great job with the US Airways 757 let’s hope they do that same great work and add the Us Airways A330

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Hoping Charlotte gets 3D buildings so US Airways and American A330’s can go to London

Sexy livery!! I miss this airline in Zurich!

Especially with the rework this is a must

Its got my support!

You know what, i have to it 😏

We got The 757 one! Let’s get this one!

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More stuff got released but not the liveries

We need this 😍

if they use PW Engines it won´t be added…