US Airways A330-300

When US Airways was absorbed by American, a great airline was gone, along with an amazing livery. I think that their livery was very elegant and beautiful. That is why I have come here today to post about the US Airways A330. I think the US Airways livery looks even better on the A330 and will look better on the screens of many IF players. Thanks for reading and please vote!

Us Airways Info:

A330 info: Airbus A330 - Wikipedia

Credit to Lazaro Cordero

Link: US Airways N276AY | Airbus A330-323 Charlotte-Douglas Intern… | Flickr

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I agree. I was about to request this. There are a few others that don’t have a livery for U.S. Airways on IF. @cfvfd104 you can specify the aircraft that need U.S. Airways liveries.


Totally agree. The U.S Airways livery is a beauty and would love to see more of it in the coming years.


True! Please vote @The_Initial_Virus!

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Please include a picture in your livery-request, and not just a link! Just a tip for you:)


There is a picture…

Oops something happened to it. Ill fix it.

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I feel like if the 330 gets reworked and one of them does not have US it will be incomplete…


Same. It is a beautiful livery and deserves to be in IF. @schyllberg that was NOT a bump just a thought

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With the rework of this aircraft possibly coming, it would be awesome to have this livery in my VA. I have several aircraft in my fleet that are missing this livery.

U.S. Airways Virtual does not feel like a complete VA without the livery.


This is a buetiful livery! I will definitely vote!

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Yes it’s a buetiful livery, however I would never fly this as I only like to fly up to date liverys… and I think a lot of players are the same way. Either way very nice retire request good job!


Not necessarily the case all the time. Usually, Most MD11 and DC10 liveries are retro, and they seem popular. But thats just what I see when I’m on live.

I would love to see this retro fly on such a nice aircraft.


I agree, typically when I see the MDs and DCs there in cargo liverys which still use them today.


@anon57683537 you could include this because it’s a video of the livery and aircraft.

Everyone I’m sure has seen this landing. It’s the smoothest one ever. 😂😂


I would absolutely love to see this livery implemented! Especially with a possible A330 rework, this would be a nice livery to include.

@Niccckk agreed, especially for any US routes, also to take advantage on US Airways VA and all the events based on the USA.

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I would really love to see this livery in the upcoming A330 rework!!

this is my fav airline ever! I would love to see this livery come!

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Oh wait yes I want this. Voted

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