US Airways A330-300

Hi, I know this is a duplicate and I apologize for that but the other topic is from Sep '15 so… I realized US Airways have three planes in IF (B757//A320//E-175) and adding this livery could be awesome! As you can know probably the A330 will have a rework and this can be added with that rework… I leave a photo here, credits to The Travel Playbook for the photo. (

Thank you, Lucas.

Duplicate my friend (I believe)

But if not. I would love to see this plane added! :)


Actually… Yours is better.

Yours has a picture and actually says more then “I want this plane added”


Talk to the mods on keeping your topic and closing the other


The livery looks just great in the A330, I like the design.


They also have the e175 I be alive ;)

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You are totally right, my bad


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Don’t worry Buddy, this all will come once the Airbus a330’s are reworked, I am looking forward to seeing that

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