US airways A321 talk

People are always talking about why do they take out the 321 for US Airways. I already know the reason because American took over Us airways and they don’t do service anymore


The reason is that the devs would have to redo the us airways livery over again so it matched the others quality and they wanted to ship the update quick rather than redo the livery. Philippe said that the livery could be added in the future.

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I know. I never said it won’t come back. It was just a theory

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They should do this


That would be cool

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Yes! It will be nice to have heritage livery.

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US Airways A321 belongs with the US Airways titles. Not some fake American titles


I agree. US Airways is US Airways not US Airways with American on the side of the plane.


We already have it on the a320, why not this livery with American’s logo?

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As miserable as it was flying on US Airways, they did have the nicest livery around. I miss seeing their planes at PHX, I don’t miss flying on them all the time.


Because, I want to see the aircraft in it’s original US Airways livery, instead of a modified livery.

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The aircraft is 95% US Airways. The only thing different is the name

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I know. And it is not US Airways if it says American on it.

You sure are picky😄 But I know what you mean

Lol yea. I used to fly US Airways often through DCA, but the I always loved their livery.

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And I lived near PHL and I never saw their livery on an a330

Wow, I thought they flew the A330 to Heathrow and back from PHL?

They use a lot of a330s out of OHL. Here are some I can think off

Philly-Miami (a332)
Philly-Barcelona (a332)
Philly-Manchester (a332)
Philly-London Heathrow (a332)
Philly- San Juan (a322)
Charlotte-Philly-Charles de Gaulle (a333)
Philly- Dublin (a332)

Take it easy, Sully.

There’s already an American Airlines A320 and A321 livery in the game anyway. No need for a third.

Additionally, exterior wise that plane is hardly American Airlines. It’s a simple let’s not repaint the aircraft and only slap an American Airlines logo on it.

Best to leave it where it has had its largest impact, and what it looks like, US Airways.