US Airways 1549: Honorship Event @ KLGA - 082000ZOCT16

Server: *TS2

Region: *New York

Airport: *KLGA

Time: *20:00z (8:00 PM Central Standard Time U.S.)

NOTAM: In honor of Captain Sully and all the brave crew and passengers on US Airways 1549, I would love for you to join me this coming weekend. I will be arriving at KLGA at 19:40z and we should all be in US Airways A320’s. We will depart from Runway 4, and go low and slow over the Hudson River in a Delta Formantion in order to honor the bravery of everyone on board, we will then climb up again to 4,000 ft and come in to land on Runway 4, and Taxi to Terminal C for a picture:) hope to see everyone there:)

More details to come soon bye for now everyone:)

Currently Foresure Attending:

  1. @Plane6
  2. @Gamingpro458
  3. @Yousef_Baalbaki
  4. @Seth_Kaplan
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I don’t think this could be considered a “memorial” since nobody died.


Them I’ll rename it “honor” or something like that:)

Not a big deal :)

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Can you add me to the list. I’ll try to come

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Ok thanks I’ll add you see you there


I agree that this was an important event and a miracle, but people are taking it way too far. Wasn’t the movie enough? This was 7 years ago. We honor the event, but this is just stretching it.


Ill be there for sure add me to the list please

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Ok sounds good I’ll add it.

Ok everyone we still need 4 more people for the delta formation if you’d like to come for the event tomorrow we’d love to see you there. Remember this is the last day to sign up…:)

Me I’ll go

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Ok @Seth_Kaplan

Event starts in 4 hours

What Zulu time?

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Sorry I made a mistake: 20:00Zulu, 8pm Central Time in America in exactly 6 hours


If Captain Sully landed in the hudson in reality, i did that in IF and found out that we can land on water sufaces but you cant take off again

You should do this on Jan 15.

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