US Airlines That Use C208’s

Hey IFC! I’m curious, if there is any airline on the USA East Coast that uses the C208, that has their livery in IF. I’d love to do an airline flight with the C208, but I’m not sure if there are any airlines that have their livery that operate on the east coast of the USA! The only airline I know is FedEx, but I don’t want to use cargo. Please someone let me know below! Thanks!

We don’t really have any yet. Keyword yet. It was announced some time ago that we could be seeing a Southern Airways Express livery on the 208 sometime. Like Avelo, the real world company reached out to Infinite Flight stating that they’d like to see their livery on the aircraft in app. Just a matter of time as the artists do have their hands full working on the EJets and F18.


I’d love to see Southern Airways in the game! It would look amazing on the C208! Hopefully comes soon after the E-Jets and F-18 whether the C208 gets a rework, or you guys just add it. I do see a lot of Southern flights fly to small airports so it would help bring a lot of attention to smaller airfields as well!

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