US Air Force!

Nice military Wednesday! Today I tried for the first time the legendary C-130! ✈️🇺🇸💣

Route: KNZY-KNUC 🇺🇸✈️
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 00h27

spotted @DeerCrusher !

  1. Departing KNZY! 🛫

  1. Landing in KNUC! 🛬


Big nice! That is really well taken, I think a lens flare would be nice for that thing.


Great photos! Just please remember to not tag staff/mods/devs unless you actually need something from them, they always are very busy and don’t need to look at things like this if it doesn’t really require their attention.

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Cool pics. Just did this rought and became a 👻

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I love how it’s possible to do a powerback in this aircraft and open the reverse thrust in mid air. I want to do all those things on the other aircraft

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Even though the US Air Force operates several variants of the C-130, this one happens to be a US Navy aircraft. No matter where it serves, the venerable Hercules is loved and respected by its crews.


Second one looks so sick! Favorited

Question: Does the USAF actually go to KNUC? I’m not being the “realism police” just asking

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I don’t know… I only looked at the ATC schedule and I saw today’s military theme. I’ve never tried this aircraft and it sounded cool to try with this livery!

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It’s impossible to go into reverse while in the air. There is a gate you would have to pull the throttles up and over, plus there are now electrical stops to prevent this from happening. It would literally tear the aircraft apart if this happens. Which unfortunately has happened within the last few years…

It kinda triggers me how theirs airliners at a AFB

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So it’s not ment to happen in this aircraft

What about Ryanair

Great pics mate👍🏼

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