Us air force fly out

Hello pilots! Is anyone here interested in doing a military only planes fly-out from washington to somewhere in europe (open for suggestion’s)

Server- expert.

Altitude- 36 thousand or above.

If you have any other ideas, please share them with me! I’m sure we’ll find a cool route to fly out to. Looking forward to see you!

If possible, i’d love to see the VC-25 Air force one aswell.


Also, i’d like to have 10 people or more on this event,
Imagine how cool it will look! If you have experience with this kind of thing please share it with me:-)

Try to add a date/event function, also you should add gate assignments. Add some photos too

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Reason i didnt add gates is because i needed help finding an airport first.


You should do KADW - ETAR

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