US Air Force 73rd B-Day Graphic Reveals New Aircraft


Founded on September 18th, 1947, the United States Air Force has dominated the military skies, becoming the largest air force in the world. For their 73rd birthday, they released a beautiful, geometrical graphic with what is likely a new aircraft. At first glance, you see that it looks like an F-22, but you soon realize that the wing lasts the entire span of the aircraft. It seems like a paper airplane, almost. It will be exciting to see if this aircraft reaches the skies!

Another interesting thing is that this resembles interesting triangular aircraft producing a contrail that were spotted over the US in recent years.


Perhaps if you don’t look at it? 🤔


If you look at the canopy and engines and design of the main body

I guess, but the rest of the aircraft is pretty obvious I feel like 😂

Idk I see what your saying but I feel like it’s hard to only see the canopy and engines.



Happy 73rd B-Day to the United Stated Air Force!

Interesting plane for sure. 🤔

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Looks sleek. And like a Dorito.


Lol pretty much.

I am planning on joining the Air Force academy once old enough.

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They have confirmed they did fly a demonstrator aircraft for there next generation fighter, so who knows, that’s all we know about it is that something has flown somewhere and apparently broken records in the process though we don’t know what kind of records.

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So…they took an F-22 Canopy and Engines, the wings of an F-117, a tail from an SR-71, and the silhouette of every 3rd Grader’s Paper aircraft and turned it into a next generation fighter? Interesting


Hey now, be nice😂

Fighter aircraft are getting seriously close to StarWars territory lol

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Just go ROTC bud.

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I can guarantee that this is fake. The design of the aircraft and the ugly design of the poster with a whole bunch of small versions of the aircraft gave it away. The Air Force wouldn’t design an aircraft so cheesy and that’s not how they would reveal it. I bet you it’s just some Air Force Fanatic that made a stupid concept.

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can you for sure say it’s fake. I think it looks cool By the way and it doesn’t look cheesy at all. It’s not a stupid concept either and it looks stealth. Also what’s wrong if somebody did just make it. It still looks cool

The DVIDS is a DOD trusted source for public military information and is even considered part of the DOD… I have no idea how that’s fake


I’m in C.A.P now to help as a stepping stone to the USAFA and then I can rank up in the military, then apply for delta.

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There are 6th gen renderings that Boeing has released but that’s it. The Air Force wouldn’t support or make a poster like that revealing a 6th gen fighter. I’m not trying to bash your post, but in my book it’s not credible unless it coming from either a manufacturer or the Air Force itself. Again just giving my own pinch of knowledge. Sorry if my reply came out wrong.

If you still don’t believe the source, you can read more on it here.