Need to talk to ATC @azeeuwnl

A simple PM will do the trick!

How to PM?

Step 1: tap on the @

Step 2: Tap Message And off you go!

The OP is TL0, he is unable to PM the controller @N492ED .

@Trey_Dadzie Anton is currently controlling or doing something outside of IF. He will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

He was notified in the last topic you made. He should get to you.

Negative. The OP now seems to be TL1 upon creation of this topic.


Hi there Trey,

I see you made a Topic roughly an hour ago about this specific Controller.

If the Controller has not contacted you yet from the past topic it means he’s busy with life, or still controlling. Also it’s very late in Rotterdam so he might be asleep.

Please try not to make a duplicate topic like this, he will PM you once he gets some free time. Thanks so much!

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Thank y’all

This is my first time using this forum for i was confused but thanks


🙂 Appears to be sorted