URGENT! Need Help!

Sorry to bother anyone but I need help choosing an RC aircraft for Christmas and Birthday. Here is a selection of planes for you to choose what you like. I just realised number 1 and 5 are the same.

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Thanks for the support :)


I say go one man

My friend has #1 and it’s very reliable…


@JoshFly8 and @DeerCrusher Christmas alert!


#1 because you can go over more surfaces

Please tell me if i should change the category. I saw the model aircraft collection thread and thought it was similar.

Number 1 looks good!!

I think this is better suited in #general

Although it’s not Infinite Flight related I think that this topic is great for aviation enthusiasts. I encouraged folks to get outdoors and off of their devices for some fresh air and to get into a fun but expensive hobby depending on how far you take it. Good luck!

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Yeah I voted #1

Thanks for the tag, Levet. It’s important that he starts off correctly.

@SwissForceProud001 are you new to the R/C hobby? How much experience do you have?


No experience lol

Wait if number 1 and 5 are the same, how is it that number 5 is more expensive…

If you don’t have much experience the SAFE technology will help a lot…


Different website

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It’s called competition and markups my friend…


I say go for the cheaper one

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Sure. So 1?

Yes that’s correct

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Also, #3 has floats, which is kinda cool so maybe make that your second choice…

guys lets leave it up to the christmas expert @JoshFly8 himself.