Urgent lighting at airports

I always try to read the topics that talk about airport lighting and even aircraft lighting, my opinion, this should be an urgent thing within Infinite Flight, it’s already getting really bad again when flying at night and I think this is so sad, developers should prioritize This is URGENT in the next few months and there should already be something about lighting in general

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Hello, about lighting.

Infinite Flight developers are working towards making lights aluminate at night. Currently they are reworking the engine of Infinite Flight (called, Project Metal/Project Vulkan) Metal is for Apple, Vulkan is for android. This is a big project that will never end really. This project will introduce new graphics, dynamic lighting, 3D clouds and more features that aren’t possible today because of technical roadblocks or other. There isn’t any timeframe when these features will be released, but they are working towards it! Also, these may or may not release all together in one update. These might release in phases.

There’s already been a bit of progress on this project shown publicly/release publicly. For example, 3D buildings/objects, 2D clouds and more!

They’ve also been shipping (releasing) bits and pieces of the project that isn’t visible to the users yet.

No timeframe set but they are hard at work.

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Honestly, I just turn it to daylight, or a very dark daylight for taxi. Then I make it night after takeoff.

Edit: Vote for a suggestion that prompts this in Features.

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