Urgent Help Needed - Unable to Land


Oh, I have Wind Aloft Connection on Red. Could be for everyone. Please turn it on before I land with 77kt crosswind.

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Mine is red as well!
What’s happening!!


@schyllberg we need to let you know it is another worldwide problem, hopefully it should be fixed soon!

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It’s probably the service where we’re getting the data from. Our stuff looks fine :)
But we’ll look into it and see if there’s anything we can do!

"No weather" at all airports

Okay, I see.


I about to land with 77kt crosswind in 10 minutes.

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Not necessarily. If the METAR is transmitting properly, it should change once you pick the airports METAR up.

If not, brace yourself. You should get a fair amount of XP if you nail the landing ;)


How much we talking? I may need to brush up on 200kts crosswind landings…


Legend has is that some folks have received several hundred XP per landing while conducting landings in conditions with significant crosswinds. Landing on the center-line and in the TDZ still applies.

Patterns aka Circuits are a great platform for building confidence and experience ;)


I did not land with 77kt crosswind. ughh. This was on Expert Server.


Yes absolutely


Well, after a holding pattern of 45 min( in an attempt to restart winds server) and two missed approaches (not fully established on ILS), I ended up buttering a 157kts crosswind landing at RWY 34R ZSPD!!! A huge thanks to the expert controller for not ghosting me. I was all over the place on approach. He was very helpful and even gave me my own runway with no traffic to land safely. I wonder if he knew my situation, or was just trying to save all the other planes by keeping mine away 🤣 Although I must add, in such harsh crosswind conditions, APPR did not help me at all. My first two approaches were with APPR but it never centered me, as I kept drifting off to one side away from the runway sidelines. The third time I manually flew and had to really force my plane to follow a straight path. I can only imagine what a real pilot might have to face just to get the aircraft centered in harsh crosswinds.


Its red to me but I am not in FNF region

Édit : it’s green now :)

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Yeah, like schyllberg said, its a world wide server issue. He is looking into it.

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APPR won’t help, it has limits.

I’m sure some of them have changed since this was posted but 157kts is a lot higher than any aircrafts crosswind limit.

Also, why didn’t you divert to an airport where the wind would be going straight down the runway?, it would have made it a lot easier.


I reckon we should vote this to be the coolest thread of the month 😊


Well, it was a VA flight and I did not want to waste an 11 hr flight, since I would not have been able to log it if I had diverted. I agree, now many will say that if I showed proof of wind conditions my diversion would have been justified. But to be really honest, I wanted the challenge ( Go big or Go home, ryt!)

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I would probably prefer if the system was reworked in a way that if connection to the weather server is lost for more than say 5 seconds, the winds go calm to avoid situations like these. Let me know what you think

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Sounds reasonable, but I fear many pilots might misuse this loophole, to avoid strong headwind areas, in an attempt to shorten their long haul flights.

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