Urgent Help Needed - Unable to Land

Hi guys. Need some help here. I am currently holding 25nm west of SZPD (above ZSSS) for the last 40 min. I have winds aloft of 157kts crosswinds so I cannot land on any runway. I have tried re-connecting my wifi but still no use. I have 2hrs of fuel left. Prompt reply would be appreciated

Hi - if you look in your top right hand corner is your weather “red” - that usually means that your weather is down and that winds will remain as they were when you were last connected to the weather server.

I understand that. It has been that way for nearly an hour now. The weather was working fine prior to descent, but has been down ever since.

I already know the issue, a solution would be appreciated.


I have had this issue a couple of times already. Don’t worry, approach the airport and land. The winds will change to the airport’s METAR even if the weather server is red for you.

Usually when you descend to below 1000ft AGL in the vicinity of an airport, the winds really die down. Buckle up for a bumpy approach and usually the winds will die down to the airports current METAR when you’re on short final, which will mean you’ll hopefully be able to land.

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I had to go around at 3nm short final 1000ft . I tried landing twice but no luck on the wind change. They are still the same at 0 AGL

Try diverting to another airport

I tried ZSSS close by but still no change. Should I leave the region, like more than 30 min away from destination?

Yes leave the region

Is it like this? I was on approach to ZSPD when the winds went bonkers.


Hello, I went to Windy.com and there is no 130kt wind here at ZSSS. Could be wind aloft problem again.

Oh, I have Wind Aloft Connection on Red. Could be for everyone. Please turn it on before I land with 77kt crosswind.

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Mine is red as well!
What’s happening!!

@schyllberg we need to let you know it is another worldwide problem, hopefully it should be fixed soon!

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It’s probably the service where we’re getting the data from. Our stuff looks fine :)
But we’ll look into it and see if there’s anything we can do!


Okay, I see.

I about to land with 77kt crosswind in 10 minutes.

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Not necessarily. If the METAR is transmitting properly, it should change once you pick the airports METAR up.

If not, brace yourself. You should get a fair amount of XP if you nail the landing ;)


How much we talking? I may need to brush up on 200kts crosswind landings…


Legend has is that some folks have received several hundred XP per landing while conducting landings in conditions with significant crosswinds. Landing on the center-line and in the TDZ still applies.

Patterns aka Circuits are a great platform for building confidence and experience ;)