Ural Airlines's callsign

An Ural A320 on final at OMDB airport on January 5th, 2021.

Hello everyone!

I’m requesting that the Ural Air’s SVERDLOVSK AIR is add into the sim.
Even if Ural isn’t present, we can still do theirs routes with the Generic one!

About Ural Air:

Yeah, the sim is missing a lot of big airlines, especially callsign wise

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I agree, there should be a system to request call signs and if they get approved they can be added in navigation updates.

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Hi, Alex!

We’ve discussed internally and decided to no longer allow requests for airline callsigns without an existing livery in the app itself. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of callsigns we can dig up. This is not a great use of resources for a small team or precious votes.

The best way to see your desired callsign in-app is to support the feature request for the livery itself. Other requests similar to this will be closed as discovered over time. Thanks!