Ural airlines Airbus A320-214

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Why I want this in Infinite Flight ?
We need more Russian airlines
The livery is very nice

  • About Ural Airline:

True, this livery looks very nice.


Im really hoping to see it with the new A320 liveries

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In honor of the fantastic pilots who made this emergency landing possible in the field, I would like this livery

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Ural Airlines Ура́льские авиали́нии in Russian is with S7 and Aeroflot a Russian airline that was founded in 1943 and has started his operations in 1993.
The callsign of the airline is SVERDLOVSK AIR.
They have in the A320 family, 7 A319, 24 A320 and 15 A321 in service.

Source: Wikipedia

Bumping this up!

Ural Airlines needs to be added, because of the lack of Russians airlines!