Ural airlines Airbus A320-214

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Registation: VP-BIE

Why I want this in Infinite Flight ?
We need more Russian airlines
The livery is very nice

  • About Ural Airline:

True, this livery looks very nice.


Im really hoping to see it with the new A320 liveries

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The “blue” tail is amazing, what do you think about that?
Ural airlines is also one of the biggest Russians airline.

In honor of the fantastic pilots who made this emergency landing possible in the field, I would like this livery


Ural Airlines Ура́льские авиали́нии in Russian is with S7 and Aeroflot a Russian airline that was founded in 1943 and has started his operations in 1993.
The callsign of the airline is SVERDLOVSK AIR.
They have in the A320 family, 7 A319, 24 A320 and 15 A321 in service.

Source: Wikipedia