Ural Airlines A321-211 [VQ-BKG / RA-73794]


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Ural Airlines (Ура́льские авиали́нии, Ural’skiye avialinii in Russian) is a Russian airline founded on 1943 which its mains hubs are Moscow Domodedovo and Yekaterinburg-Koltsovo (*Its headquarters).
They started theirs operations in 1993.
They have a current fleet of 52 aircraft and have 101 destinations.
Theirs secondary hubs are Saint Petersburg, Moscow–Zhukovsky and Sheremetyevo.
It is one of the biggest airline of Russia (along with Aeroflot, S7, Rossiya and UTair).

The aircraft is a 23 years and 5 months Airbus A321-211 which is equipped with the CFM56-5B3/P’s Engines.
It was delivered first to Aer Lingus in 1999 as EI-CPF, then to Ural in 2011 as VQ-BKG.
His serial number is 997 and it is also one of the most oldest A321 of the airline (currently in service).

Because of the rencents event, Russian airlines confiscated theirs leased Boeing and Airbus aircraft, registered them into the Russian registration (this one is RA-73794)

In my personal opinion, there is a huge lack of Russian airlines in the sim (Pobeda, Rossiya, Pobeda…), we only have NordWind 772ER, S7 A319-114 (retired), Aeroflot A320 and 739ER (they never had the 739ER IRL) and UTair CRJ-200.

Diversity: Ural Airlines have a total of 101 destinations which we can only do with the boring Generic livery.

Ural Airlines have a nice livery!

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it’s definitely a voice!

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but it would be better if you also add a livery to the A320

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Indeed, they have more A320s (23)