Ural Airlines A320-214

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I’m back with an another Features request.
This one is not a made, but a remake.

Ural Airlines, what is this airline?

Ural Airlines Ура́льские авиали́нии, Ural’skiye avialinii in Russian is a Russian airline in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The airline was founded in 1943 as “Sverdlovsk State Air Enterprises”, and became later, a part of Aeroflot. Ural Airlines started theirs operations in 1993.

The callsign of the airline is “SVERDLOVSK AIR”.I hate it, because it’s difficult.

The airline is based in the airports of Moscow Domodedovo and Yekaterinburg Koltsovo.

As of January of 2020, the airline have a fleet size of fifty one (five A319-111s and -112s, twenty three A320-214s and -211s, three A320Ns, eighteen A321-211s, two A321LR (and fourteen 737 MAX 8 on order).


VQ-BAG is 21 years and 7 months A320-200 (1999/07/09) which has been delivered to three airlines:

Airlines Date Comments Registration
Ural Airlines 2008/12/12 VQ-BAG
Philippine Airlines 2004/11/30 Leased from Iberia RP-C3225
Iberia 1999/09/03 First airline operator of this A320 EC-HDL

His Serial Number is 1063.

(it is one of the most oldest A320 of the airline).



In my personal opinion, there is a huge lack of Russian airlines in the sim (Pobeda, Rossiya, Pobeda…), we only have NordWind 772ER, S7 A319-114, Aeroflot A320 and 739ER and UTair CRJ-200 (Aeroflot never operated the 739ER IRL).

Diversity: Ural Airlines have a total of 101 destinations which we can only do with the boring Generic livery.

Ural Airlines have a nice livery!

You think…
  • This livery is good!
  • This is a meh.
  • This livery is terrible!
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Ural A319 request
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wow, that’s a great looking livery! Might vote for it if I get a chance!


Looks great. But, why a poll? Polls aren’t needed. If someone likes it, they will vote.


To swim in, obviously

No, they are most definitely needed, especially in the Summer!


@KTJ_Mitchell and @JetSuperior5192, thank you, guys! 😊

I did the polls in some of my previous requests and nobody commented about these


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By putting animated water in the oceans

if only we could bring that back from that era

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Of course i’m fully behind this livery, as I am with any Russian livery… but sadly i don’t have any votes to spare :(


more liveries are needed to make flights across Russia more diverse. a little tired of flying from Sheremetyevo

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The airline is very good in its current guise. And the Russian community really wants to fly on airplanes in our liveries! The theme is fire, so I vote for!


Thank you very much!
Yes, agreed, we are all tired of the Aeroflot A320 and 739ER (especially that they never operated the 739ER IRL)

Yes, hello again, I love that you still remember me

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voted ! Nice russian airlines !


Ural Airlines is a Russian airline which is based in Domodedovo and Yekaterinburg Koltsovo.
It was found in 1943 and started their operations in 1993.

They have a fleet of 23 A320s.

VQ-BQY was their first A320 (it is also the oldest A320 of the airline (made in 1990, A320-211, it still fly with the airline; delivered to Ural in 2006)


We need this in IF, because of the lack of Russians airlines, and it will open more diversity



We knew that Moscow Domodedovo will gets 3D Buildings in 21.2, but the airport is a base of Ural Airlines.
Hope they will add it ASAP



It’s true that it would make sense to add this livery.

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Good that we get 2 Russian 3D airports but the same can’t be said about liveries. Russia is absurdly underrepresented especially being the largest country in the world.