Ural Airlines A319-112

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Today I’m requesting the addition of this Russian airline on the A319 named: Ural Airlines.😊
Sit down in your room, eat popcorns, drink water or a Pepsi, eat candys🎃… here is the story of the plane and airline.

The airplane was taken at UUDD airport in Russia by draimannax on the December 14th 2016.
Credits to him

About the aircraft

This aircraft is an A319-112 who was build in January 2003.
The serial number of this A319-112 is 1901.
The registration of the plane with Ural Airlines is VP-BTE.

List of the operators of the plane

Registration Operators Date Status
C-GTDS Skyservice Airlines 2003-02-11 Leased
N551SX Skybus Airlines 2007-05-18 N/A
A9C-EV Gulf Air 2008-08-08 N/A
VP-BTE Ural Airlines 2013-06-12 N/A
EC-NBD Volotea April 2019 N/A

What is Ural Airlines?

Ural airlines is with Aeroflot and S7, a Russian airline that was in 1943 and it started theirs operations in 1993.
The airline is based in the airport of Moscow-Domodedovo and Yekaterinburg-Koltsovo in Russia.
The callsign of the airline is SVERDLOVSK AIR…

Why I would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight.

I personally like the livery of the airline and I think that Infinite Flight is lacking of Russian airlines, because we only have the S7 in the A319, Aeroflot in the A320 and Transaero (now defunct) so I think it would be great if we have this livery in the A320 liveries update.

Want to see more Ural Airlines’s features?

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Do you want to see this livery?

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The logo of the airline

About the A319

Great idea. Brilliant vibrant livery. Unfortunately got no votes:( nice suggestion though 👍


All Ural routes

Classic Russian weather during winter

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I’m bumping this, IF is very lacking of Russian airlines, among these missing Russian airlines, Ural Airlines will be a great addition to the sim!

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One of the A319 livery I would like to see in 20.2.

I mean i never even thought about this livery but i totaly just stumbled apon this… and you know what… this livery is stunning on the a319!


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Thank you @CrazyMinecart12 for your vote! :)

@Shafran and @CaptainSenya, what do you think about this one?

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We think that need more Russian liveries :)

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