Upward Pitch Update Infinite Flight 23.3

How come after the latest update there’s an uncommanded nose-upwards rotation of the aircraft when auto pilot is disengaged?

Hey! Is your game calibrated properly before disengaging A/P?


Yes I calibrated. And double checked a few times

Can you reproduce this constantly? Also, how does your trim look? :)

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Yes. So far I’ve used 3 different models from various trim settings to none.

I find that regardless of whether your device has just been calibrated or not, when you’re slow on approach and with flaps down, the aircraft will tilt up or down. I think this is what you’re describing.

Try this:

Using the trim button, add positive or negative trim until the trim bar (the vertical line on the button) completely disappears. Sometimes I need to add 60-70% depending on how heavy the aircraft is. Calibrate your device and disengage autopilot - you’ll find the aircraft remains level.

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I will certainly give that a try on my next flight

Ok, let me know how you go. I had the same problem with my aircraft pitching even though I had calibrated - it’s not a bug, rather it’s physics. It’s why trim exists in the first place.

But yeah, make sure the trim bar has disappeared before turning off autopilot and you should be sweet

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Thanks my man. I will let you know! I sure can tell a difference after this update though.

Definitely worked well! Solved my problem. Thanks brother!!

Great to hear, happy to help


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