Upside Down Departure

Aircraft: Qantas 737-800
Server: Expert

This flight was done in real time a few weeks ago using live real world ATC for taxi, takeoff, runway crossing, departure, approach, landing, and taxi from landing. It was a beautiful flight, I recommend it. Flying with live ATC is fun and realistic, I recommend it if you are seriously into realistic flying. Departed from runway 34L, spotted from a patch of grass behind the runway, outside of the airport.


I love it sounds fun

I’ve done this on a FedEx flight from PHNL - YSSY. I copied the real flights flight plan, had Live atc running in the background and departed with the real aircraft and with real ATC. I also screen recorded it. It was fun. I ended up landing about 10 mins after the real flight.

Good fun to do if you can find a real flight that fits around you.


I am now confused by the title
nice photo tho

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yup. why it is upside down?

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It’s just a joke that Australians like to do everything differently.
Nice shots πŸ‘

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@Sakshibeedu I am deeply offended! 😫


But yes you are right in a way lol

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