I want my money back

Please contact Apple or the google play store if you would like a refund on your app purchase.


Do we contact Google play too for refund of live subscription

Thank you for contacting support! If you are experiencing difficulty with Infinite Flight, please allow us the opportunity to help resolve your issue first. We are a small independent team, highly motivated, and will be happy to help with technical issues. Often times technical issues can be quickly resolved by closing and relaunching the app or restarting your device.

Each store has their own policy regarding how refunds for an app, subscriptions, or in-app purchases are handled. Please see the list below to find your app store:


Visit the Amazon App website where the purchase was made, then locate and select “Contact Us” to make any refund request.


iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. We are not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request.


The GooglePlayStore offers a two hour grace period to request a full refund for any purchase. Following the two hour grace period all refunds need to be requested with the developer by providing a complete copy of the receipt which shows the purchase ID beginning with “GPA” along with a reason for the requested refund. Refunds are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case by case.

I appreciate you allowing me to assist you today.


Hi joe no particular issue with the app, just not willing to wait for global any longer. The fun has gone out of it now, the servers are dead. I was encouraged to buy further subs for a free upgrade to global even though I bought the same time as the apple guys I’m losing out of the use of global for what I’ve paid.

The issues on the server are only temporary. From what I understand, FDS has been actively working to improve them. (and I have seen a noticeable improvement in the servers over the last day). I promise you, it will work perfectly fine, and you will be able to enjoy it.

Im still on android, I’m talking about the servers on android and the length of time we are having to wait

According to Laura, it should be released on the Google Play Store within the next few days. It won’t be that long :)


Ay man look, the only thing I can tell you is that I feel your pain as I’m a android user too. The wait will worth because unless you want to join global and wait in the loading screen for a long time (or at least that’s what I’ve heard), give the developers some time to solve all the apple device’s issues. They already had released for apple so the wait is not going to be that long.

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