UPS Virtual || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Official Thread!

Great seeing all the new pilots that have joined us.

This is awesome! I’ve applied as a pilot.

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Sounds good! Glad to see you’re interested in becoming part of the team. Our recruiter should reach out soon if he hasn’t done so yet.

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Awesome. No one’s reached out to me yet.

I applied 10 days ago, and Ive gotten nothing back

Our COO is taking care of both of you as we speak!

@anon38496261 check your PM!


Love seeing all the new pilots joining the UPSV family!


Hi I applied for UPS and I haven’t anything back from it, I put Jesus8441 as my username

We’ll get you squared away shortly! Our recruiter is one of those essential workers during this time so he looks at new applications as soon as he gets a breather from work. Thanks for your interest in joining the UPSV family.

Awesome! This is super cool and I put in my application 👌

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Okay thank you so much

@Jesus_Perez Unfortunately I believe I was unable to find your IFC username when you submitted your application. Please submit a new application with your corrected IFC username.


Konnerj41 - UPS Virtual COO

I will process this right now

There I submit it a new one and my Username is my email

Just welcoming the new pilots who have joined us in the last 4 days. Great to see you guys joining and immediately getting that first flight done. :)

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Who’s ready for an event simulating real life events going on? Stay tuned!

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Our Project Airbridge was absolutely awesome. Everyone stay tuned for something special coming next month.

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We recently added the a350 to our corporate fleet and boy are we excited to fly it. This beautiful aircraft is available for all ATP Captains.


We are happy to have announced our latest event. This event will feature ATC and be simulated to represent current real life procedures as we all battle COVID-19. Want to learn more? Click below!

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