UPS Virtual || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Official Thread!

Nice Looks Good

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Also we do need that 747 shes Looks Amazing


We’ve been trying to get our livery on the 748 for a long time! We can only hope that it happens one day…

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Ye it will come i hope

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Don’t forget to give it a vote ;)


As promised we have rescheduled our Bahamas Relief flight with DLVA and IFAE. We hope everyone who signed up for the first one that was cut short to server issues can join us on our rescheduled one!

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I was fairly surprised to see how short the pilot application was, is there a second part to it?

There will be an entrance exam as well! It’s just a short test that’ll gauge your overall knowledge of the piloting industry. Our main pilot recruiter is currently out on vacation - if you haven’t heard from him yet, you should hear from him within a couple of days.

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