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UPS Virtual

“Our Heritage is in the Cargo”

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Imagine flying the Infinite Flight skies for a prestigious virtual airline that cares about the quality of its members’ experiences. One that puts an emphasis on a great comradery between its professional and experienced pilots. An airline that prides itself on its level of realism, professionalism and overall reputation. That virtual airline is UPS Virtual. At UPS Virtual we understand the importance of making flying fun, easy, and rewarding. There are no routes to unlock and all of our cargo aircraft are available to you as soon as you qualify to fly under the UPSV callsign. Our goal is to motivate you to fly while becoming a part of our UPS family. Who said moving cargo couldn’t be fun?

UPS Virtual was launched on February 8th, 2018, and has since become one of the most respected, prestigious virtual airlines available on the Infinite Flight Community. Its original founders take pride in the amount of time, hard work, and dedication that they and their staff have given, and continue to give, to the airline. We couldn’t have done it without our team!


UPS Virtual offers a professional environment in which pilots can learn, improve on, and master their flying skills. It is built on the concept that pilots in Infinite Flight should be allowed to fly wherever and whenever they please, allowing absolute freedom. You choose your own adventure! Unlike the majority of Infinite Flight’s virtual airlines, pilots who are hired to fly for UPS Virtual are immediately granted permission to fly on any of our established routes using any cargo aircraft; there is no hierarchy of pilot privileges!

Many of our pilots have established careers in the real-world field of aviation, and staff members and pilots alike are continually active on the Infinite Flight Live servers and on Slack, and are always willing to help their fellow pilots and community members. Once you join, you will quickly realize we’re all members of a great big UPS family!

As a result of months of dedication and hard work geared toward establishing a great name for ourselves, we have attracted the attention of a variety of great virtual organizations. UPS Virtual is proud to share partnerships which present our pilots with incredible opportunities. To learn more about these exciting partnerships, click the drop-down menus below!

IFAE's Global Air Force

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with IFAE’s Global Air Force (IFAEGAF). As new missions arise, the Global Air Force Leaders will recruit our pilots to fly simulated cargo flights to transport fighter jets and other combat necessities on our powerful, long-haul aircraft from various locations around the globe, ending near active war zones. These missions offer our pilots exciting opportunities to visit new locations and fly routes that we currently don’t offer.

Form an Alliance With Us!

Are you part of a prominent, professional virtual airline or virtual organization that believes a close relationship could benefit UPS Virtual and your group? Send us a message! We’d love to hear your proposition and discuss the endless opportunities!

UPS Virtual offers hundreds of destinations across five continents for its pilots to explore and we are constantly considering more! With an endless number of potential routes on a variety of powerful aircraft, you’re guaranteed to love every one of your flights with UPS Virtual. Current, active pilots express their love for the unrestrictive, infinite number of possible routes. Our hubs and destinations are based mostly on the real-world UPS Airlines, which serves more airports than any other airline in the world. Just think of the possibilities!

UPS Virtual based the majority of its fleet off of the real-world airline, giving its pilots a variety of aircraft to elect to fly, ranging from the small, capable Cessna 208 Caravan, to the massive, iconic Boeing 747-8F. Veteran pilots who reach the ATP Captain rank are also granted special permissions to fly the aircraft in our Corporate Fleet!

Cargo Fleet
  • Cessna 208 Caravan (Generic Livery)

  • Boeing 757-200F (UPS Livery)

  • Boeing 767-300ERF (Generic Livery)

  • Airbus 330-200F (UPS Livery)

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (UPS Livery)

  • Boeing 747-400F (Generic Livery)

  • Boeing 747-8 (Generic or Boeing Freight Livery)

Corporate Fleet
  • Boeing 737-700 BBJ (Grey and Black Livery)

  • Taher TBM-930 (Sea Blue Livery)

Want more UPS Liveries? We do, too. Vote for the liveries below!

Current UPS Livery Requests

Vote for the Boeing 747-8F UPS Livery here!

Vote for the Boeing 767-300ERF UPS Livery here!

Vote for the Boeing 767-300F Retro UPS Livery here!

UPS Virtual presents a diverse, prestigious ranking system that gives even the most experienced pilots on Infinite Flight new goals to strive for! With the release of Global, time-building became as easy as putting the plane in NAV Mode and waking up in 12 hours with tons of “experience.” Grade 5s often mention their lack of new goals to reach, so UPS Virtual incorporated a unique system of ranking its pilots!

UPS Virtual Ranks

threadcargohandler Cargo Handler: 0 hours required. Achieved upon acceptance into the airline.

threadtrainee Trainee: Requires 5 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

threadjfo Junior First Officer: Requires 10 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

threadfo First Officer: Requires 25 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

threadcapt Captain: Requires 50 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

threadsrcapt Senior Captain: Requires 150 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

threadatpcapt ATP Captain: Requires 350 hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

We also have adopted a Medal Award System for our pilots who have gone the extra nautical mile! So many of our staff and pilots have been flying countless hours over the past few months - some of them have even passed 500 hours - and we figured we should give those pilots special recognition. As pilots earn these medals, we’re proud to award them and recognize their hard work. Pilots who earn these medals are mentioned on a special thread in our Slack channels, and are allowed to display it for the rest of our pilots to envy!


350_hours Earned upon reaching 350 Hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

500_hours Earned upon reaching 500 Hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

1000_hours Earned upon reaching 1,000 Hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

2000_hours Earned upon reaching 2,000 Hours of flight under the operation of UPS Virtual.

Join us for another partnered event in late October, wherein Air Canada Virtual Airlines, Air France-KLM Virtual Airlines, and UPS Virtual will be doing a group flight across the Atlantic Ocean from North America to Europe! Here’s the information:

Pilot applications are now open! As is with any virtual airline, pilot applicants must meet certain requirements to be considered for hire. Everyone who wishes to join the airline must:

  1. Be at least 12 years of age

  2. Be at least Grade 3 on Infinite Flight Live

  3. Have at least 15 hours of cumulative flight time on Infinite Flight Live

  4. Have at least 50 landings on Infinite Flight Live

  5. Pass the UPS Virtual Airlines Pilot Acceptance Exam with a score of at least 80%

  6. Demonstrate a level of professionalism and knowledge in all aviation aspects related to the virtual airline

Prospective pilots must submit an Initial Application Form via UPS Virtual’s website. The Initial Application will include information such as your name, Infinite Flight Community username, age, and email address. Once a recruiter receives your Initial Application, he/she will contact you and request a screenshot of your online flight statistics to prove that you meet the Grade, XP, Landings, and Flight Time requirements. Once you’ve proven you meet the requirements, you will be given the Pilot Acceptance Exam, which will test you on your knowledge of basic aeronautical factors. Once your score is received, you will be contacted by your recruiter with a notice of acceptance into the airline if you pass, or information on how you can reattempt the test if you fail. After initial contact from a recruiter, pending applications left open for longer than the duration of one month at any point of the application process (initial application, flight statistic submission, or Pilot Acceptance Exam) will be discontinued without further question.

Questions regarding UPS Virtual can be directed toward the @UPSVirtual account or any other member of the staff. We’d love to chat!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!!

*UPS Virtual is a simulated, fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight community and in no way represents the actions, opinions, or ideas of the real-world airline. Any and all logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with the UPS website, services, or brand belong to their respective owners. Creators of UPS Virtual intend for it to be used for fun simulation and have no interest in earning profits over the matter. After multiple attempts at contact with UPS, elements of the UPS brand that are contained within the Virtual Airline have not been used with expressed permission from representatives of UPS.

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Check out our New Event!!

UPS Virtual has paired up with Delta Virtual Airlines and Infinite Flight Aviation Experts to bring aid to those affected by Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. We will be making an impact in both the Infinite Flight world and in the real world as this event is also sponsored by a real-life fundraising organization. Join us as we fly aid from our main hub at Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky, and meet up with the other groups in the air as we bring necessary supplies to those whose lives have been dramatically affected by the recent hurricane. This event will bring awareness to the natural disaster that is affecting those in the Northern Bahamas. For more information, visit the link below!


A great event with two other amazing VA’s for a an awesome cause. Let’s help the Bahamas rebuild!


Another Partnered Event!

Join us for another partnered event in late October, wherein Air Canada Virtual Airlines, Air France-KLM Virtual Airlines, and UPS Virtual will be doing a group flight across the Atlantic Ocean from North America to Europe! Here’s the information:

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Thanks to everyone who attempted to fly in yesterday’s event!

Because of server issues, the event is being rescheduled. It’ll be more fun if we’re not just flying solo! Stay tuned for the new date.

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After a long break that crushed the hearts of all of UPS Virtual’s pilots, we want to extend a special “Welcome Back!” to one of our original members, @Shrek1!

We missed ya’, buddy