UPS Virtual Needs Help!

Over the past few months you might be wondering, “ Where in the world is UPS Virtual?” Well, it is because members have been very busy in their personal lives, which is completely understandable. UPS Virtual has finally woken up and is trying to start over. We now have many open positions that must be filled. These include: Head of Internal Affaires, Head Recruiter, HR Manager, Head of Public Relations, and Events Coordinator. We will also greatly encourage pilots to join our fleet and be a part of this change. I am a regular pilot that flies for UPS Virtual and I do not want to see my VA slowly disappear. UPS Virtual is also my first VA, and it holds a very special place in my heart. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could spread the word. Help a fellow VA out.

Hey mate! This topic should go in #live:va which you must be TL2 to post in. Are you the CEO? You should post that into their thread which must be listed;

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This should actually go on your main thread for UPSV.

No, I’m just doing all I can.

You should ask your staff and be eager to promote the VA! They should be keeping the VA active as Staff, sometimes a prod or two helps!


I understand that now, thank you. How would I do that though? I understand that I should be Trust Level 2, but how do I actually post it on there?

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Maybe it’s just me, but I just viewed their thread and I think they’re doing well…

In our chat, it has been very quiet for a couple of months now.

They made a new thread 12 days ago…, with everything that you mentioned they didn’t have.
Maybe make the chat more active sounds like an idea :)

Why not try to promote activity within your group? As I mentioned earlier keep prodding your CEO?

@Infinite_Qantas keep prodding your COO.