UPS Virtual Hawai'i Relief Flight @ KONT – 161500ZJUN18

Meet us at cargo 504!

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Thank u very much. I’ll see u there.


Regrettably sir, I’m gonna have to asked to be removed from this event. The leave out time for me is 8am. I’ll be unable to make the 5 hour flight. I’m sorry. Next time.

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No worries, you can catch the next one.

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Four days until the beautiful ride into the Pacific! Sign up today!

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Gates are still available.

May I have a gate please. I’ll be flying a MD-11F

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Cargo 502 goes to you! Glad to have you on board!

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Get those last minute gate requests in! We’d love to have you.

I’ll take a gate too! I can’t decide what aircraft but I’ll be there.

I would like to be at this event. Is any gate aviable?

Sorry it’s late, but please sign me up boss! See you there.

@rileymoyer 504, @Cristian_Gonzalez 505, and @rhett_mysta 506. I will make sure you get added. Great to have you!!
See you in a little over 3 hours everyone!!!

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2 more hours to go…SEE YOU ALL THERE!! Don’t be shy…we can open more gates! Lets go to Hawaii 😎

45 minutes everyone!! See you in ONT!!

Hello all…FL has been changed to 340 and .85. You csn copy FP and we leave in 5 minutes.

@Lars @Nick_Wing @Cristian_Gonzalez @rhett_mysta @rileymoyer @Pingu @IanD @Koby_Thomas
FP is set…FL 340 speed .85


Do we want to create a separate chat for this event?

Yep! That’ll be done shortly.

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