UPS Virtual Airlines || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Corporate Expansion!

I have filled in the application you should be able to see it

This is the UPS Virtual main thread haha. We use slack rather than Discord and you’re still a member! You’ve remained within the activity requirements so we haven’t deactivated your account (you would get a warning before we did, too). Are you having troubles logging in or are you on the wrong thread?

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Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. Schicke einfach eine Bewerbung rein :)


Both. Smh. Wow. Yes, I see that Im on the wrong thread. Yes I lost the slack link. My sincerest apologies. I couldn’t see the title. My bad 😲

No worries haha. I’ll send it in a message

Our latest event is live and gates are filling up quickly!

Join UPS and Caribbean Virtual Airlines as we present…


You won’t want to miss out on this beautiful flight over the warm, deep blue Caribbean waters.

Click below to request your gate for either VA and we’ll see you in the air.


Updates on the Way!

We’re constantly working hard on further improvements that’ll make life better and simpler for our pilots. Right now, UPS Virtual Airlines is under construction; we’re working on some major upgrades, even completely overhauling some of our current infrastructure… be on the lookout for a bunch of exciting new improvements to the airline (including the creation of the UPSVirtual IFC Profile)!!


Very nice…looking forward to the overhaul!!


Looking forward to it too! Already know this will be great!


Sounds awesome. I’m looking forward 👀


Sweet! Can hardly wait.


i want to join this airline

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Feel free to apply! We’d love to have you!

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Thankyou i do not now how lol

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You have to submit an initial application on our website :)

there was a problem with my application i put 2001 instead of 2004

@Koby_Thomas can probably help better than I can :)

When your recruiter contacts you, notify him of the update to your date of birth

how should i know it is the recruiter

They will let you know :)

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