UPS Virtual Airlines || Our Heritage is in the Cargo: Blue Skies Ahead!

Hello to all of our newest pilots!

Hello sir. I’m joining

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Great! The man in charge of application processing is actually traveling this week, so you should see a response from him at the beginning of next week.

Good luck!

Application processing has resumed!

Also, be sure to check out the Pacific Joint Event Series, a massive event that we are incredibly excited to fly for!


Welcome to the new pilots! We have some cool events coming up that should be a great time for all of you.


That we do! Stay tuned for some new events!

Lots of new pilots joining. Welcome!

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I have applied hope i get in

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I have applied here almost over a week ago and i have not received anything

I just applied! Can’t wait!

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If they haven’t gotten to you yet, I’ll make sure the recruiter contacts you soon. Sorry for the wait!


@Koby_Thomas thank you :)

Are you guys still hiring?

Yes, they are.

Ok then, I’m going to apply

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