UPS virtual airline!



I have just started my new VA. I hope you all like! Please join and tell me what you think!

United Parcel Service VA on the way!

I am pretty sure this is the only UPS VA out there!


Anyone else???


There is already a FedEx/Dhl/ups airlines. I am the CEO of these airlines.


What is that ?


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I’m interested in this how can i join just send an email?


The list hasn’t been updated in quite so time but it is.


Where is this list?:)


Like I said the list hasn’t been updated in a while but can be found on Virtual Airlines-IFFG


@Rotate, are you a part of the iffg-virtual airlines Facebook page. If so, then you can look in the comments on the pinned post there that ups has been claimed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you may tag an admin for the iffg virtual airlines page on Facebook.


Hi Zachary,
I am sorry to have to inform you of this but UPS is already claimed. I am sure you have looked at the OVAO list and saw that UPS hasn’t been claimed according to the list. Well myself, Ryan Greene, and Dillon Greene have already claimed the airline about a month ago. I have contacted the Admins of IFFG - VA Facebook page several days ago to get the list updated but they just haven’t updated it and they are the only ones who can update the list. We claimed the airline and already had two different airlines and we combined the three airlines to create International Cargo Group. The three airlines in the group are FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We currently have 298 routes. Once an airline is claimed, unfortunately, there can be only one Virtual Airline per airline. So sorry to inform you of this as i see that you have already made a website, but we may be able to offer you a position here at our VA. If you are interested please email me at


Tristin W.


Other options are: if you want to have a cargo VA there is TNT Cargo, Airbridgecargo, Boeing freight, Aerologic, etc.
You must make sure that you that get approval by the admins of the Facebook page to claim an airline. You can do so through Virtual Airlines - IFFG Facebook page.


@Tristin_Woolf, please see this topic about Virtual Airlines. I don’t believe any individual group such as IFFG, IFWP, or whatever is in charge of VA’s, nor do they solely have the right to distribute ownership. IF does not support VA’s at this time, and we would not like our community to go down like the last forum did.