UPS Virtual Airline || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Boeing 747-8!

Very professional! I think we have an awesome staff pick.


From all of us at UPS Virtual, Thank you!

Thank you to the pilots who have helped make this airline such a success in such a short amount of time. Thank you to the dedicated staff, who put an incredible amount of effort into ensuring the smooth operation of the airline. Thank you to the community for showing such great interest in UPS Virtual!

We have only been active for 16 days, but because of our great pilots and staff, and because of the commitment they have to UPS Virtual, we have already passed 500 hours of total flight time and are getting incredibly close to 600 hours, something we predict we’ll be passing by the end of tomorrow (Sunday)!

With our constant acceptance of new pilots, we have no doubt we’ll be passing the 1,000 hour mark very soon, and will continue to grow at an exponential rate from there.

So to all of our pilots, staff, and future pilots, Thank You!!


Congratulations to all Pilots in the VA and staff that are working hard to make it one of the best Cargo VA’s out there!


Follow up:

We crushed the 600 hour mark. Not only did we pass 600 hours today, we passed 700 hours of total flight time today, meaning we got over 130 hours of flight in a single day (132, to be exact)! Not too bad for a startup airline.


Great News!!

We have officially hit 1,000 hours as an airline! Considering we have only been publicly available for 27 days, that’s quite impressive. We currently have 23 pilots, meaning that our average pilot is flying at least two hours for UPS Virtual each day! That doesn’t even take into account the fact that not all of these pilots have been with us since day one. When you factor that in, each pilot is flying over five hours each and every day!

I want to extend a huge Thank You to all of the pilots and staff of UPS Virtual who help make us one of the greatest virtual airlines out there! It’s a pleasure working with you and it’s a pleasure flying with you!

Since our last post, a lot has happened in the airline. On top of the rapid addition of flight hours, we promoted @Ryan_Vidad to the Graphic Designer position; many of the images you will see in future UPS Virtual posts will be his creations/edits!

We also want to wish @Namit and @callum5124 luck on their retirement from staff positions. Namit helped us create and establish the airline in the community, and remains an active member of the airline. Unfortunately, callum5124 had to leave the airline entirely… life gets busy and we with him luck in all of his future endeavors!

With that being said, I want to announce the re-opening of the Head of Internal Affairs staff position. The application is available again by clicking the link up in our main thread under the “The Team” section. Please note, priority is given to current, active members of the airline. If you want to increase your odds of taking the position, apply as a regular pilot, too! All applications will be considered, but we aren’t in any immediate need to fill the position; we will take our time finding the best of the best. Hope that’s you!

There are plenty of great events coming up both as public events and events only available within the airline. As always, consider joining the ranks, and stay tuned for some BIG news.

Blue skies, my friends!


Sign up for our newest event! We’d love to see some awesome landings!


I would like to mention that they also have a few 747-8s as well and they don’t have a c208 that is fedex

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We understand that UPS currently has the 747-8 included in their fleet. We are working on adding it to ours as well. We fly the C208 because it can be used for short haul flights unlike the other UPS aircraft available in Infinite Flight.

With heritage, UPS VA Staff


Ok that makes sense but btw I did just do an application but does it matter what server for the operations?

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You must be grade 3 so expert is preferred…


Like Virus said, expert is preferred, but we understand violations happen, or maybe you want to do a flight with a friend, and do not strictly require it


I am g3 but with the new ratio rules I can’t use expert quite yet

Thanks for having me guys! I wish you all luck in the future and hope to see you all soon! Thanks guys! @The_Initial_Virus @Koby_Thomas


Notice to all applicants:

We’ve been getting waaaay too many applications with insufficient information. This includes things such as unrealistic birthdays (we’ve had submissions from people who were supposedly born in 1901), people have been putting their Live callsigns in place of their IFC Usernames (I can’t look you up by your callsign, which means we still have no way to find you), or people have been inputting invalid usernames in general (usernames that do not exist on IFC).

Please remember that if you wish to be a part of this airline, you must put accurate information in the boxes, so we can find you and so we can verify you actually exist. If you want to join us, we have to be able to find you! We do not make initial contact through your email inbox, and really only use your email address to add you to our Slack communication pages. You will not be contacted through email.

We will also not go searching for you! Please verify that you have put correct information on your applications, as we will not make a “We had someone submit an application with the username XXXXXXX but cannot find you on IFC; please contact us” post every time this occurs.

Just a friendly reminder to double check your work and make sure you’re answering with the right information. If we haven’t contacted you yet, there may have been something wrong on the application.

Give your Initial Application a few days, and if you haven’t heard from us, try to reapply! :)


Hello Community!

We have added a few more requirements for new pilots, that we feel need to be announced

What are these new requirements?: These requirements state that you acceptances must log at least one flight in their first week. If they fail to do so, it will result in their termination. We also highly encourage all new members to talk and communicate. Joining and not saying anything after a certain amount of time may also result in elimination.

Why are these being added?: We have decided that the activity requirements were not strong enough. It is unacceptable that individuals join our VA and then say nothing and do nothing. We are looking for active members who are truly proud to fly for UPSVA.

As a final note, I want to emphasize these new requirements only apply to new members. The 30 day requirement still applies to members that have done as the new requirements state (Must log a flight within first week/being social). Thank you to all our active members and we hope to release more updates soon!


We Keep Growing and Growing!

And it’s all thanks to the awesome members of the Infinite Flight Community who have decided to apply to UPS Virtual and dedicate enormous amounts of time toward flying for the airline. The passion, energy, and ideas you all bring to the airline are part of the reason why we’re thriving! We just reached 1,000 hours of total flight time a few days ago (which we were able to do in less than a month), and predict we will be 1,500 hours veeeery soon!

We also recently promoted our current Chief Pilot, @Shrek1, to the Head of Internal Affairs position. Shrek1 (more commonly known as LT on our Slack channels) has greatly exceeded the expectations we had for him when we promoted him to Chief Pilot, and with the retiring of our recent HoIA, @The_Initial_Virus and I have decided Shrek1 is the person who deserved this position the most. Everyone, take a minute to congratulate him!

With that being said, Shrek1 does continue to hold the Chief Pilot position, but applications for it are open! As soon as someone is found who can take his spot, that new person will become the Chief Pilot. Chief Pilot applicants are expected to score very high on the Pilot Acceptance Exam into UPS Virtual, and will then have to take another Chief Pilot Exam, which covers the basic operations of day-to-day flight and general use of each of our aircraft. If you’re interested in applying, fill out a staff application! Keep in mind, preference will be given to current pilots, so you might as well fill out a Pilot Application as well!

Great things are happening and big changes are coming to UPS Virtual. We can’t wait to show you more!


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for the confidence you have in my abilities. Flying for UPSVA has been a joy from day one. The professionalism shown by pilots and staff alike is amazing and I see the VA growing by leaps and bounds. I would recommend to anyone that enjoys flying with passion on IF apply for the position of Chief Pilot. It is as fun as it is challenging!! Hope to see you all soon flying with UPSVA.


From all of us here at UPS Virtual, we are sad to see the shutting down of FedEx Virtual Airline. They along with all of their members structured one of the most influential VA on the community and we hope that the staff of FedEx Virtual continue to bring great VA to the IFVARB. Saying that, we hope to see the spawning of new cargo VA in the community as we alone cannot drive the world of commerce. Together, cargo is better, and we hope that becomes true in the future.

With regret,
UPS Virtual Staff


We’ve reached 1,500 hours (and a little more)!!

As we’ve stated countless times before, our pilots are working super hard and flying tons of hours and because of that, we were able to reach 1,500 hours of total flight time in less than two months!

In celebration of this landmark, we’re announcing the official retirement of our old Boeing 747-400 fleet, but are thrilled to finally release the Boeing 747-8!! Please consider joining our inauguration event, where we will be making the first deliveries of the B747-8 to the UPS fleet. More information can be found in the link below:


Looks really great guys!!! Nice wotk

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