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Our Queen is here and we could not be happier. Our pilots have been loving our newest livery that arrived in 22.1 to the tune of the most PIREP’s being logged daily in our history. Come join the fun!

Pictures courtesy of our Media Manager; @Chief_Beef.


The new 747-8 Livery made me wanna join lol. Amazing pictures! Glad to have more of a variety here :D


We agree! Glad to have you join the fam! :)

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Could I be flight schedule manager lol I wish but would never get it

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We appreciate the interest in joining the staff team! In an effort to make sure our staff team is dedicated to the VA, we require all staff to be committed and a part of the VA. While exceptions can be made, we generally like to have pilots be a part of the VA for some time before they join our staff.


Welcome to our newest recruits! Safe to say everyone is loving the new B748 UPS livery.

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We are excited to formally announce our exclusive partnership with @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE. The UPS Virtual & GAF Cargo Partnership joins two long standing and respected VA/VO’s with one sole mission - to transport cargo where it’s most needed. UPS Virtual is now the official commercial cargo carrier for GAF and its global military operations. While our agreement is strictly with vUSAF, our missions and assignments will take us worldwide. Pilots of our VA can benefit from this exclusive partnership with exciting, time sensitive flights to various regions and parts of the world. From transporting military equipment & supplies to areas of high conflict, to helping the evacuation of refugees; no two missions will ever be identical.

What is this partnership?
UPS Virtual will now handle all cargo transport operations worldwide for any operation that GAF is conducting when requested to do so. Instructions, details and objectives will be received from GAF and forwarded via our partnership liaison to UPS Virtual pilots.

Who can fly these operations?
UPS Virtual pilots, of any rank, qualify for these missions and operations. Depending on the mission at hand, sign ups might be limited to open spaces. This means that these flight operations will be limited to a specific number of pilots/flights, and will be assigned to the first pilots who register for the operation(s).

What aircraft will be operated?
Depending on the mission, objective, airport being serviced, etc., the assigned aircraft will vary but we will always be using our UPS aircraft.

Any flight bonuses for missions?
Each mission/operation flight will qualify for a 1.5X multiplier.

What is GAF?

Global Air Forces is the single most unique Virtual Organization in the history of our community. We simulate a military alliance made up of 3 air forces positioned around the world; vUSAF, EAF & vRAAF which offer you the chance to fly to and from all 7 continents as part of our routine and deployed operations.



What??? Thats awesome to hear! Congratulations on this one of a kind partnership!

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Congrats, wohoo!



Huge thanks to our man of many talents, @Chief_Beef, in getting out this promo video with some new footage, including our brand new Queen of the Skies.

If you are a pilot who’s looking to have some fun in a VA, fly to areas not commonly flown to and become a part of a great cargo family, then apply here and join the greatest group of pilots you can find in Infinite Flight.

Set the settings to HD and enjoy our 2022 VA Trailer!


now this is great way to continue the lit year after getting our livery in infinite flight


Great stuff! New pilots are absolutely loving the new GAF missions. 6 pilot group flight right now going on to deliver aid to a staging base for Ukraine refugees.


Great Post well done I just joined cant wait for all the fun and exciting Flights with you guys


Hey guys I submitted an application and said I was in grade 1. I now have enough landings and I’m in grade 3.


Amazing VA, glad to be a part of the fam!!



Introducing the UPS Virtual Global Tour. We are excited to announce a new series of events that will give us an amazing tour of some of our served countries and airports - some into areas not usually flown to by our pilots due to the large number of destinations we offer. This Global Tour will span various months and will be broken down into dedicated regions. In all, we will have 5 Volumes which will take us throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East & Europe, South America and finally North America. Some regions will offer more flights than others but all will allow us to explore our vast list of destinations located throughout the globe.


We will be awarding bonus hours to the top 3 UPS Virtual pilots per volume. In addition, at the end of the tour, we will award bonus hours to the top 3 UPS Virtual pilots of the entire tour.

Per Volume

  • 1st Place - 15 bonus hours
  • 2nd Place - 8 bonus hours
  • 3rd Place - 5 bonus hours

Cumulative Tour

  • 1st Place - 50 bonus hours
  • 2nd Place - 25 bonus hours
  • 3rd Place - 15 bonus hours

Interested in flying with us? Join us today by clicking here!

A huge thank you to our Events Team for this awesome tour that will have us flying for months to come.


We enjoy having ya, Deak! :)



We have been busy at work adding additional codeshares to our already extensive list to give our pilots more places to explore and more aircraft to do it in. We are happy to welcome the newest members to our codeshare family.

Each new codeshare provide us with regions not previously part of our growing flight schedule. With a great mix of short, medium, long and our favorite, ultra long haul's, you'll quickly find there is a flight for everyone.


We recently added two new staff members to our close-knit family of staff and are excited for the great work they have done for us so far.

@Ouzy has been a long time member and currently the pilot with the most VA hours. You can always catch him flying or posting an overnight group flight. Ouzy takes over as our Head of Internal Affairs and will handle internal responsibilities that keep the VA working and in top tip shape.

@CaptainDavid was last a staff member years ago and returns to our staff team. He now runs our event team as the Head Event Manager. Along with our Event Support Team, pilots continuously get anywhere from 3-5 events a week in addition to our Global Tour which is currently on going. Here is a recent event we did flying out of The Masters in Augusta.


In order to further grow our event program and increase attendance even more, we have added our first ever Event Rewards System aimed at rewarding pilots for the events they attend every month. Pilots who partake in our events, external or internal, will get rewarded with bonus hours depending on the number of events they attend. Attend all events in a given month? You get the top prize of bonus hours!


We are excited for some additional codeshares currently being worked on, an improvement to benefits for our pilot ranks and many public IFC events. Interested in joining our prestigious family?

Click here to apply today!


Labrīt visiem!

Thank you for the codeshare opportunity! We are glad to be codeshare partners with UPSV!

Best Regards,
COO of airBaltic Virtual



Our website has needed some updating and refreshing for a while and we’re happy to have finally gotten around to it. Huge shout out to the @IFVARB for reminding us ;). Enjoy our updated site and more importantly, hit that “Join the Family” link to join our close knit group of professional pilots.


For the first time in our history, we have introduced rank based multipliers. This is nothing new in the VA world as many of you know and many VA’s use a similar system for their operations - add us to the list! We wanted to reward those who progress through our early ranks and continue to devote their time and flights to our VA. Below please find the ranks and their multipliers applicable on all flights. Thanks to our Flare CC for releasing a quick update to make this possible for us and our pilots. Big news for our Corporate Flight Program Pilots. Due to the addition of these multipliers, CFP pilots now receive 1.8x on all CFP flights. Changes reflected below!


Trainee // No multiplier available
Jr. First Officer // No multiplier available
First Officer // No multiplier available
Senior First Officer // 1.2x multiplier on all flights
Jr. Captain // 1.3x multiplier on all flights
Captain // 1.4x multiplier on all flights
Senior Captain // 1.5x multiplier on all flights
Corporate Program Pilot // 1.8x multiplier on all CFP flights