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UPS Virtual was first launched on February 8th, 2018 and continues to consistently be one of the more active and fun to fly for virtual airlines’ in the infinite sky’s. Today we feature UPS Airlines’ real world route system, a custom and easy to use crew center that continues to get updated with new features, a vast amount of codeshares, and a well organized communication hub for pilots. Since we first launched, we have become one of the most respected and prestigious virtual airlines available on the Infinite Flight Community.

At UPS Virtual we put the quality of our members’ experience first and offer a professional environment in which pilots can learn, improve on, and master their flying skills. We emphasize great comradery between our professional and experienced pilots and aim for everyone that joins our virtual airline to feel as they are part of our special family. We pride ourselves on our high levels of realism, professionalism, and our overall reputation. At UPS Virtual we understand the importance of making flying fun, easy, and rewarding for our pilots. From the onset, there are no routes to unlock and all of our cargo aircraft are available to you as soon as you qualify to fly under the UPSV callsign. You choose your own adventure and journey with absolute freedom within our simple operating procedures. Our goal is to motivate you to fly while becoming a part of our UPS Virtual family. As you have seen since March 2020, cargo runs the world and who says we can’t have fun moving it?

Many of our pilots have established careers in the real-world field of aviation, and staff members and pilots alike are continually active on the Infinite Flight Live servers, our Discord server, and are always willing to help their fellow pilots and community members. From playful chit chat in our off topic channel to asking for help in our dedicated support channel, once you join, you will quickly realize we’re all members of a great big UPS family.


Position Name Callsign
President & CEO @karl_iszler UPS 001VA
Vice President & COO @zand3r UPS 002VA
Chief Pilot @Bobby_Burg UPS 003VA
Chief of Internal Affairs @Ouzy UPS 004VA


Position Name Callsign
Head Event Manager @AndrewGraham UPS 005VA
Event Manager OPEN UPS 006VA
Media Manager @if.northcarolina UPS 007VA
Pilot Manager OPEN UPS 008VA
Program Manager @Moose0308 UPS 009VA

UPS Virtual also offers a series of support roles that are integral to the daily operations of our VA. Should you find yourself interested, please reach out to Senior Leadership via a DM.

UPS Virtual bases the majority of its fleet off of the real-world airline, giving its pilots a variety of aircraft to fly. Ranging from the small, yet capable, Cessna 208 Caravan for our regional partners in Ameriflight, to the massive and iconic Boeing 747-8F for our flagship route from Worldport in Louisville to Dubai, UAE. There is an aircraft for everyone’s tastes.

There are 8 aircraft to choose from; each fit for specific routes and needs. You will quickly find each pilot has their own favorite.

See Our Fleet
UPS Livery Heritage Liveries Generic/IF Livery
Airbus A330-200F Centurion Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Boeing B757-200 (IF Livery)
Boeing B747-8F Emery Worldwide McDonnell Douglas DC-10F Cessna C208 Caravan (Ameriflight Ops)
McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Purolator Courier McDonnell Douglas DC-10F Dash 8/Q400 (Ameriflight Ops)

Current UPS Livery Requests

Vote for the Boeing 747-400F UPS Livery here.

Vote for the Boeing 767-300ERF UPS Livery here.

Vote for the Boeing 767-300ERF Retro UPS Livery here.

Specifically designed and catered for Infinite Flight VA’s, we utilize the latest and greatest crew center; at least in our opinion. We are happy to have partnered with Flare and VANet for our crew center needs. From ACARS to a sophisticated flight schedule system, all of our pilots have loved the transition to our new crew center. Our crew center continues to be improved on a regular basis with new updates, tweaks and changes constantly being thought of.

Our crew center currently allows our pilots to quickly search flights from our real world schedule consisting of over 1,300 routes - a first in the history of UPS Virtual. It also automatically promotes our pilots to our various ranks, allows for pilots to request a LOA, ability to easily apply flight multipliers to your flight time and features easy access to pilot statistics. There are countless updates planned for the weeks and months ahead.

Want to learn more about Flare? Click here!

We are continuously looking for fun and exciting our ways to get our pilots in the air, or in the control tower. Whether it’s performing real life charter flights or delivery of aid to areas hit by natural disasters, our internal flight programs are religiously updated to give you a constant flow of adventures. We currently offer two unique and fun programs based off the real world procedures of UPS Airlines; with more planned to come. Our Hot Spare Program and Supply Chain Solutions Program offer our pilots the ability to fly outside of our normal operating procedures. From assisting in the annual Copper River Salmon Run from Alaska to Seattle, to last minute charter flights to help the UPS sponsored Ferrari F1 team ship some much needed race equipment to where ever they’re currently at around the globe, we cover it all.

Our most recent programs consist of our Career Mode and IFATC Programs. Our IFATC program is our very own internal IFATC team where our pilots can earn flight hours for controlling at our operating hubs and destinations. Regardless of how you like to enjoy Infinite Flight, we have a place for you in our family.

About Our Career Mode Program

For the first time in UPS Virtual history, we have launched a Career Mode for pilots who are looking to follow a set schedule of flights as they fly for our VA. Each month a new schedule is posted; sometimes keeping you in a particular region; other months you’ll find yourself flying across the globe. This program will be unlocked for pilots automatically after they are promoted to Senior First Officer and receive the Career Mode Pilot role on Discord.

About Our Hot Spare Program (Currently Suspended)

What is a hot spare? Every night, UPS Airlines designates 14 different planes at 7 hub airports to be spare aircraft ready to launch at anytime, known as hot spares. The flight crew will preflight the empty aircraft and then wait to be launched to a gateway to rescue stranded packages, and then make the return flight back to the hub for sorting. Most commonly hot spares are launched because of an aircraft mechanical issue, additional volume, sick pilot, or weather. Once the call is made to launch a hot-spare, the aircraft needs to be in the air within 30 minutes or less to assure the packages will make service the next day. In 2014, UPS launched 275 hot spares, recovering over 1.5 million packages for about $32 million in revenue and a 90 percent effective on-time delivery rate.

🏆 Hot Spare Ace Awards 🏆

Pilots who complete certain amount of Hot Spare Routes will be awarded with awards to acknowledge these accomplishments in addition to a Discord role on their profile.

About Our Supply Chains Solutions Program

This program mimics the real world one that UPS currently utilizes in industries such as healthcare, aerospace, automotive, high tech, industrial products, E-commerce, retail, and more. We will also utilize this program for special one off flights or missions. You might find yourself delivering crucial aid and supplies to a country that just experienced a natural disaster or you might find yourself delivering much needed parts to the Ferrari F1 team for which we currently sponsor.

Customer Success Stories
Japan Airlines (JAL)

🏆 Supply Chain Solutions Awards 🏆

Pilots who complete certain amount of Supply Chain Routes will be awarded with awards to acknowledge these accomplishments in addition to a Discord role on their profile.

About Our IFATC Program

We have completely reworked our IFATC Program with an emphasis on attracting current controllers to our VA and motivating current pilots to become members of the IFATC team. Pilots can earn hours for controlling any of our airports and earn additional multiplier hours for controlling our nightly overnight group flights and other events.

🔰 IFATC Discord Role 🔰

UPS Virtual Pilots who are IFATC certified will be acknowledged on our Discord server with an “IFATC” member role visible to all others within our server. Our internal IFATC team will be relied on to keep our airports open during events, group flights, and for normal operations for our pilots and will be able to earn flight time multipliers for controlling when applicable. Your IFATC role is a big deal and we want to make sure you are rewarded for it.

From our inception, we’ve believed one aspect is the most important thing for our pilots - freedom. For the first time in UPS Virtual history, the entire real world schedule of UPS Airlines and our partners is available at your finger tips. With well over 1,000+ real world flights available to be booked and flown, we also give our pilots the freedom to fly any route outside of our published real world schedule by utilizing our hubs that are located all around the world with our Free to Fly Program (FFP). The possibilities are endless. The routes? Memorable. Our route database is updated regularly to make sure our routes continue to be accurate and our pilots continue to express their love for the unrestrictive, unlimited number of possible routes.


North America Asia Pacific Europe Oceania
Louisville, KY [KSDF] Hong Kong, China [VHHH] Cologne, Germany [EDDK] Sydney, Australia [YSSY]
Miami, FL [KMIA] Shanghai, China [ZSPD] East Midlands, England [EGNX]
Dallas, TX [KDFW] Shenzhen, China [ZGSZ]
Philadelphia, PA [KPHL] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [WMKK]
Rockford, IL [KRFD]
Ontario, CA [KONT]
Columbia, SC [KCAE]
Anchorage, AK [PANC]
Seattle, WA [KBFI]
Toronto, Ontario [CYHM]

UPS Virtual presents a diverse, prestigious ranking system that gives even the most experienced pilots on Infinite Flight new goals to strive for! With the release of Global, time-building became as easy as putting the plane in NAV Mode and waking up in 12 hours with tons of “experience.” Grade 5’s often mention their lack of new goals to reach, so we incorporated a unique system of ranking our pilots.

UPS Virtual Ranks
Rank Requirements Multiplier
Trainee Achieved upon acceptance into UPS Virtual N/A
Junior First Officer Achieved with 11 hours of flight for UPS Virtual N/A
First Officer Achieved with 36 hours of flight for UPS Virtual N/A
Senior First Officer Achieved with 76 hours of flight for UPS Virtual 1.2x
Junior Captain Achieved with 151 hours of flight for UPS Virtual 1.3x
Captain Achieved with 251 hours of flight for UPS Virtual 1.4x
Senior Captain Achieved with 351+ hours of flight for UPS Virtual 1.5x
Corporate Pilot See below for more details 1.8x

We also have adopted a Medal Award System for our pilots who have gone the extra nautical mile! For the pilots that go above and beyond, we have decided to recognize them in a special way. As pilots earn these medals, we’re proud to award them and recognize their hard work. Pilots who earn these medals are mentioned on a special thread in our Discord server.

Medal Award System
Medal Requirements
350 Hour Medal Given to Senior Captains & earned
upon reaching 350 hours of flight time
500 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 500 hours of flight time
1,000 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 1,000 hours of flight time
2,000 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 2,000 hours of flight time
3,000 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 3,000 hours of flight time
4,000 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 4,000 hours of flight time
5,000 Hour Medal Earned upon reaching 5,000+ hours of flight time

This flight program aims to reward our most elite pilots and showcases our true commitment to freedom within our VA. Pilots are required to apply and need to meet a specific set of requirements to be accepted into the CFP. This exclusive program features a set amount of open spots available with more added on occasion and allows pilots to fly any of our corporate aircraft to any airport in the world. There are absolutely zero airport restrictions for these pilots. Additional perks include: flight time multiplier of 1.8x on all CFP flights, gate and pushback priority for all VA events and a dedicated Corporate Flight Pilot role within our Discord server.

Recently introduced is our Charter and Repositioning Flight Program. This program features a daily schedule for the B772 in the Crystal Luxury Air livery. Charter flights aim to take you all over the world and is open only to CFP pilots while the repositioning flights are open to Senior First Officer’s as well. Free flight with this aircraft will be announced via the posted schedule.

Corporate Aircraft Fleet
Aircraft Livery
TBM930 Both Infinite Flight liveries
A318 Infinite Flight livery
737BBJ Infinite Flight livery
CL35 European Flight Service livery
MD-11 Private livery
B772 Crystal Luxury Air livery

Program Requirements

• Pilots must have over 700 hours with the VA.
• Pilots must fly at least 10 UPS Virtual flights a month at a minimum. Required to remain in the program.
• Pilot must be grade 4 or above to join. Not required to remain in the program.
• Check ride required for acceptance.
• Unanimous votes needed by UPSV Upper Staff for approval.
• Staff is also expected to meet and maintain these requirements.

Even with over 250+ worldwide destinations served, we realize there are areas of the world we need help getting to. Enter our strategic list of codeshare cargo partners with various and respectable VA’s. As seen recently, a new wave of cargo hauling has arrived where passenger airlines have now started to utilize their aircraft to fly cargo routes - we now offer this too. While some of these codeshares require specific ranks to utilize, there are two that are available from first hire. These codeshare partners are valuable to our virtual airline as they give our pilots unique destinations to fly to in addition to access to aircraft not typically flown by UPS Airlines.


Career Mode Style - (CM)

Southwest Virtual Airlines B737 family Southwest Airlines Open to all ranks
Spirit Virtual Airlines A320 family Spirit Open to all ranks
Avianca Virtual Airlines A318, A320, A330, B788 Avianca Open to all ranks
Aegean Virtual Airlines A320 Aegean Open to all ranks
Air Baltic Virtual Airlines A220 Air Baltic Junior First Officer
Breeze Virtual Airways A220 & E190 Breeze Airways Junior First Officer
Air China Virtual B77F China Cargo Junior First Officer
Ethiopian Virtual B77F & MD-11F Ethiopian Cargo Junior First Officer
TAP Portugal Virtual E-190, A319, A320, A339 TAP Portugal Junior First Officer
ANA Virtual Airlines B748F & B77F ANA Cargo & All Nippon First Officer
Alaska Virtual Airlines A320, B738 family, Dash 8, E175 Alaska Airlines First Officer
Latin America Virtual Airlines A320 family, B77W & B789 LATAM Airlines First Officer
Turkish Virtual Airlines A333F & B77F Turkish Cargo First Officer
Cathay Pacific Virtual A333, A359, B744, B77W Cathay Pacific First Officer
Aeromexico Virtual E-190, B772, B788 Aeromexico Senior First Officer
Finnair Virtual E-190, A321, A330, A359 Finnair Senior First Officer
Saudi Virtual Airlines B77F Saudi Airlines Cargo Senior First Officer
Cargolux Virtual B748F Cargolux Senior First Officer
Garuda Virtual Airlines A320 (Citilink), A339 (Citilink), CRJX, A339, B738, B77W Garuda & Citilink Junior Captain
Lufty Virtual B77F, MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo Junior Captain
New Zealand Virtual A320, B77W, B789 Air New Zealand Captain
Suisse Air Virtual A223, A319, A321, A333 (Edelweiss Air), A333, B77W, MD-11 Swiss Air Senior Captain
Dubai Virtual A380, B738 (Flydubai), B777 family Emirates & Flydubai Senior Captain
United Virtual Airlines A320, B737 family, B752, B777 family, B787 family United Senior Captain

We continue to accept new pilots! As is with any virtual airline, pilot applicants must meet certain requirements to be considered for hire. Everyone who wishes to join the airline must:

Be at least 15 years of age.
Grade 3 minimum on Infinite Flight Live.
Maximum violation/landing ratio of .15%.
Max of one (1) level 2 & 3 violations within the last year.
Have at least 100 hours of flight time on Infinite Flight Live.
Have at least 100 landings on Infinite Flight Live.
Pass the UPS Virtual Entrance Exam with a score of at least 20/25.
Submission of Infinite Flight grade table for verification.
Demonstrate a level of professionalism and knowledge in all aspects of aviation related to the virtual airline.
Applicants must have a valid IFC account that is in good standing and must not be on the IFVARB blacklist.

Please note we reserve the right to deny any application we believe does not meet our standards. In addition to the above requirements, some other factors are also taken into consideration. Applications may be handled on a case by case basis in certain circumstances.

Prospective pilots must submit an Initial Application Form via our crew center. The initial application will include information such as your name, Infinite Flight Community username, and email address. A staff member will then reach out to you via DM with a link to our entrance exam. Please note that all application communication will take place via the IFC.

Questions regarding UPS Virtual can be directed toward the @UPSVirtual account or any other member of the staff. We’d love to chat and would love even more to see you become a part of our virtual family.

*UPS Virtual is a simulated, fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight community and in no way represents the actions, opinions, or ideas of the real-world airline. Any and all logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with the UPS website, services, or brand belong to their respective owners. Creators of UPS Virtual intend for it to be used for fun simulation and have no interest in earning profits over the matter. After multiple attempts at contact with UPS, elements of the UPS brand that are contained within the Virtual Airline have not been used with expressed permission from representatives of UPS.

We are happy to have recently added @starboysolz to our close knit staff team and have the following positions open to fill.

1.) Flight Schedule Manager (Events)
2.) IFATC Program Manager

Should you be interested, please reach out to us directly on IFC.


The best VA around! UPSV is just built different. From a massive variety of routes and aircraft, flight challenges, long haul groups every night, to the family atmosphere, you cannot ask for anything better!


Proud of the progress we keeping making! Love the new CC. Thanks to @KaiM and the team for making such a great product.


@UPSVirtual thought id point out the ranks text blends in with the dark mode discourse background a bit too well (it could also just be my display which makes darks very dark)

Loving the new Crew center.


New Crew Center is amazing!!

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Appreciate the feedback! We’ll look into fixing that soon.

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ive been waiting for UPS virtual defintley applying!!

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We’ve been here waiting for you! :)

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What a wonderful looking thread!


Appreciate that!


ACARS makes filing Pireps so easy now

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The best VA around! Phenomenal Crew Center. You’re missing out!

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In addition to some Upper Management shuffling, we have added two new members. @AviatorNick15 has joined our staff team as our second Flight Schedule Manager and @IgorLucena has joined us as our very own Media Manager. Welcome to the newest members of our close knit staff family. Some recent shots from Igor are below and we are excited to get even more amazing shots like these.

Also some big news, our completely custom crew center has begun work and we hope to have some awesome updates in the coming weeks. Join the family today and start your cargo career.


I’m real excited to see a UPSva. I love UPS, I live right next door to world port. I can’t wait to be a part of the airline!!!


Glad to hear it! Lucky you living right by that place. :)

A staff member will process your application soon.


Welcoming our newest pilots!


Proud of what we’re building here! Thanks everyone for being a part!


Absolutely love this team!