UPS to spend a lot of money at ANC along with others

UPS this weekend confirmed this week that they will drop 110 Million dollars on their Anchorage facility. This is the latest in a surge of proposals for new warehouse and cargo space at the airport. The UPS plan is one of five new projects announced in recent months by the airport, some of them larger than UPS’s proposal. Totaling about $700 million in investment, the proposals would boost Anchorage’s economy if they advance to the construction phase, officials said. UPS, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is looking to lease an additional 1.35 million square feet of land at the north side of the airport — enough to fit more than 20 football fields. The expansion in part will support UPS’s growing fleet of Boeing 747-8 jumbo jets, UPS company spokesman Mike Mangeot said Tuesday.Their new offices would double the size of their 190 thousand Square foot Operation offices. The proposed expansion would “accommodate future growth and efficiency" for UPS, Mangeot said in an email Tuesday.
Anchorage is the gateway to Asia and a vital point in UPS’s global air network, Mangeot said. Along with new offices would come new employee parking, and parking for their Boeing 747-8Fs and other facilities. The company hopes to break ground in May 2020 and complete the project in 2022. Anchorage is one of the few airports in the world where foreign cargo can be transferred between aircraft without being subject to customs and other trade requirements. That saves shippers time and money.
While UPS is planning to expand FedEx is also eyeing the idea of expanding to a 98,000-square-foot domestic operations center, part of a $57 million project, the state announced in August. FedEx can then increase international shipments at existing facilities.

6A-XL Aviation Alaska, owned by Maryland-based company 6A Aviation Inc., has proposed two projects at $170 million each. They include one new cargo warehouse at 500 thousand square feet and 30 thousand square feet


Because ANC is the half way point between Asia and North America. They stop there for fuel, to organize packages etc… ANC is really the Cargo city! :)


They can put more cargo on if they stop in ANC. Nice to see this airport get more interest

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We’re the fifth largest cargo airport in the world, with my company we are bringing more aircraft through Anchorage.

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This is awesome!! Glad UPS wants to expand their facility in Anchorage.


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