UPS orders 14 more B748F

UPS announced today that they have ordered 14 more B748F. These orders were the 14 options from the original purchase. This will mean UPS will have the largest fleet of B748 in the world

The plan for these aircraft looks to be using them on larger routes that have more flights per day thus freeing up some of the aircraft used on those routes to serve burgeoning routes that are needing larger aircraft. This will mean UPS will be reshuffling aircraft around in the coming times.


This is a huge break for the B748 program. It is especially a good sign that the air cargo industry is rebounding after years of decline. As this recovery in that sector continues you can see more cargo centric airlines ordering more 748Fs soon.


Yippee!! May the 747 Live On!


This is great! Keeping the -8’s going!

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It’s nice to see an increase in the air cargo industry. The more we can put on planes the better, ships are disrupting echolocation in the oceans which is affecting their ecosystems. I know everything can’t be sent in planes, but this is a step forward. Props to UPS!

That livery looks beautiful on this aircraft. I am such a huge sucker for cargo aircraft!

This is great! It’s an amazing aircraft and it needs to keep flying!


So you’re saying there’s a chance… that the 747 will survive longer!


The 747 lives on (yessss)

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UPS gives life to the 747! The livery fits very well on the 74s IMO.

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This livery would look great in Infinite Flight :)

For anyone interested, here’s the feature request:

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This is exciting news! The 748 is a great aircraft to work with, use to deal with it at Atlas

Let’s hope UPS doesn’t make a dumb decision to take the yellow out too. 🙄

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The 747 is one of my favorite aircraft of all time. It certainly was sad that the 748i was a failure, but I’m glad that the 748F has been a great success! This is great news for UPS, Boeing, and all 747 fans out there!

Great to hear them being statisfied and keeping the wonderful Boeing 747-8 alive :)

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@The_Initial_Virus fingers crossed for the livery…

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