UPS orders 14 747-8's

UPS has announced today an $5.3 billion order for 14 Boeing 747-8 aircraft. here is the article here.


This is good to see. The 748 needs a bit of a boost, and is one of my favourite aircraft.


Whoa, that’s 1.5 years of production of they’re still building at 0.75 per month.

That should allow them to carry over production until they produce the VC-25 replacement. Boeing was looking desperately for orders to carry over the production line until then.

Good to hear :D

Sounds great!

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UPS livery will look good on them!

Can’t wait to see them at SDF! Entering service in 2017!

Great news!
Long live the Queen!


Good to hear, Boeing deserve a lot more then they have been getting, it’s a really nice plane and Boeing deserve a lot more

Very nice, I have been waiting for more orders! Fantastic choice UPS, and well done Boeing.

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