UPS MD-11F in the Virgin Islands

Flew a UPS MD-11F (UPS 875 Heavy) from JFK down to TIST (St. Thomas, USVI).

Landed a few minutes ahead of JetBlue 807 A320, Piloted by James Walsh, who was flying down from KBOS.

Been to TIST many times in real life, its quite a steep takeoff due to the short runway and tall mountains.

If you’ve been flying to TNCM in IF as I’m sure many do, try stopping over at TIST for a change. Lots of direct flights from the US and Puerto Rico.

UPS 875 Heavy over Long Island, NY, CT in distance across the Long Island Sound.

UPS 875 Heavy parked at gate at TIST, JetBlue 807 landing on runway 10 with sun setting in the distance.

UPS 875 Heavy and JetBlue 807 parked at their gates at TIST with the sun fully down.

iPad mini 5 - Edited in Lightroom


I have flown into TIST both IRL and in IF and in XP11. I imagine it was confusing for all the passengers in the terminal to see a cargo plane roll up to the passenger gates.


I like this one! Nice shots!

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Haha! Yes I parked it there for Photography purposes…
However I bet many of the flights coming in to TIST IRL are mainly carrying cargo.

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During these times, yes, but you would have been surprised at how busy it was when I was there despite being a relatively small airport.

That was a very good picture though, you caught the sun at a really good angle.

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