UPS Livery : Boeing 767-300ERF (Current Livery)

We need this! Why didn’t I search for it sooner? 😅

Couldn’t help but vote!

We have twenty votes! Wouldn’t it be awesome if this came with the 767 when it gets a rework?

A workhorse for UPS yet missing in the game. Come on IF!

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Really hope we get this soon now that IF has cut the UPS liveries to just one real world one.


It’s a sad thing, really :(


This is so embrassing how Infinite Flight would take UPS off of Boeing 757-200. is what I can say :)


It’s 100% unfortunate. 😥

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And also not having Fedex…

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Cheers to getting the UPS & FedEx liveries soon™️.


With the 767 being one of my favorite aircraft in real life we have got to have a reworked CARGO version in IF… like I dunno UPS.


Uh, okay? Not related to this at all…

Anyway, as a UPS employee, I’d really enjoy having this and flying it in the sim, and would spare a vote if I could.


Well I guess they will add UPS sometime soon @Altaria55, I can imagine they will add any kind of planes to the 767

By the way, as any kind of employee, maybe we would all fly to LAX, JFK, MIA or more. And I would be able to spare a vote if we wanted.

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UPS liveries of the 747-8, 757, 767 and the MD-11 should’ve been in IF a long time ago. We’ll see if they really take them seriously or not. Here in CO, I see 767’s everyday.

Louisville. UPS’s hub.
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Maybe the devs can add the DFW facility so that you can sweat extra hard while working double time. 😜

This is a sweet livery, and I’d love to see it! I’ll see if I can spot a vote.

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We can only hope one day they take UPS seriously. Missing some much needed liveries.

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We definitely need this!!

IF needs to rework the B767 and add the UPS livery!!!

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Hopefully IF will rework the B767 fleet. It’s in dire need of one. If so fingers crossed they’ll add an F model…. 👀

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This would be a great livery to add for the 767. It’s is one of UPS’s primary aircraft they operate so many of them! Fingers crossed!

I’m team FedEx irl but damn I’m happy UPS is there with us still flying the 767. 26 years of this plane for UPS is amazing since they’re the launch customer. Hats off to ups. I don’t have votes for the livery but I am advocating for the 767 rework