UPS Livery : Boeing 767-300ERF (Current Livery)

UPS Boeing 767-300ERF

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Infinite Flight has only three aircraft with the UPS Livery on it, including the Airbus A330-200F, the Boeing B757-200F, and the McDonnell-Douglass MD-11F. With the recent introduction of the UPS Virtual Airline to Infinite Flight (and considering its rapid growth), I believe there is a need for more UPS Liveries!

UPS is the world’s second largest operator of the Boeing 767. The Boeing 767 makes up nearly 30% of the UPS air fleet, even though UPS currently operates seven different types of aircraft. As of January, 2018, UPS had 61 Boeing 767s in its fleet, with four new B767s on order and three more B767s undergoing the conversion process from passenger airlines. All of the 61 current B767s have been retrofitted with fuel-saving winglets, as will the incoming aircraft.

On top of providing regular package transportation services, the Boeing 767-300ERF is a crucial part of the UPS fleet, as it is one of they key players in UPS’s “Hot-Spare Program.” On every week day night, UPS designates 14 different planes at 7 hub airports to be used as spare aircraft. These planes are ready to launch at anytime, known as hot-spares. The flight crew will preflight the empty aircraft and then wait to be launched to a gateway to rescue stranded packages, and then return flight back to a hub for sorting. Most commonly hot-spares are launched because of an aircraft mechanical issue, additional volume, or weather. Once the call is made to launch a hot-spare, the aircraft needs to be in the air within 30 minutes or less to assure the packages will make service the next day. In 2014, UPS launched 275 hot spares, recovering 1.5 million packages for about $32 million in revenue and a 90 percent effective on-time delivery rate.

The Boeing 767-300ERF is perhaps the most important part of the UPS air fleet, yet does not exist as a livery in Infinite Flight. For the benefit of the UPS Virtual Airline and for all of Infinite Flight’s pilots who enjoy flying the Boeing 767 under a variety of liveries, or if they enjoy flying cargo aircraft, the UPS livery should definitely be added onto this existing plane!

Awesome livery! Would be great to see in Infinite Flight!



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Yes, but this one is more comprehensive and well-written.

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This comes alot to narita(RJAA) so I would love this!! Voted:)


I happen to live in their home base city (click on my pic).
I see plenty of these during the week, this would be a nice add.


More votes, more votes! This is an absolute need for the game.

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Such an important aircraft for UPS leaves a huge void in the game for those who like to fly with cargo aircraft.


We really need this. :(


There goes Karl, spitting straight facts again

All about the facts.

Ohh this would be a nice livery to have on the 767!

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I agree! We need more cargo planes

Like most people have said, I absolutely love this livery!

It could fit on any aircraft to be honest.

Yea I agree

I think this thread is worthy of a bump ;) We’re still patiently waiting to see the gold and brown on such a remarkable part of our fleet!

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I second this. The UPS 767 needs to be added.


Yes, this would be an awesome addition to IF. It is a disgrace as not even the UPS A330-200F UPS livery doesn’t even exist!