UPS Liverie Issues

Setting aside that one of the top 3 Cargo Carriers in the world has lost two liveries of late, the 757 and 747, the two we do still enjoy have major rendering issues. Both the MD11F and the A330F have either struts or spoilers that are protruding through the aircraft. If we cant get new liveries, while IF is producing liveries for Airlines and frames retired or out of business, is it possible that we can at least get the two UPS has to be corrected? It has been close to a year. Doesn’t seem like this is a huge project even with the small staff. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time.


Just about all aircraft in the sim have the spoilers protruding from the wing when you’re in the left wing view. This began when 21.1 came out and has been noted quite a few times by community members, so I’m sure the people in charge are aware. I assume they had quite a few things on their plate with the addition of clouds and 3-D airports, so the spoilers issue was likely a consequence of those major additions to the app

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