UPS Landing Competition @ VHHH - 031700ZMAR18

All sorted! Thanks for coming!

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The VA has not added it to the fleet yet.

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UPS has just acquired 748’s but we have not yet implemented it in our fleet! I can assure you it is coming soon but you are welcome to join us in another aircraft!

If you want to come I will inquire with my boss to see if you can fly in a 748!

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I think I could make it, event will be at 9:00PM PST for me tho.

But I will have the settle for the 747-4 for now. Generic Livery?

What time would you like?

It will be the Generic yes!

Any time would be fine.

Unfortunately I cant join because that is 3am for me :(

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Please could you give me a preferred time @Clouds

@Gonzous sorry to hear you cannot come this time! Maybe next time?

1700Zulu, should be 9:00 Pacific Standard Time right?

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12:00am EST/9:00am PST


And sign me up please: UPS MD-11F and departure time 1710z @callum5124

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All sorted! Your callsign is above! Thanks for coming.

Sign ya boi TC up for this event. Should be fun!

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Ok, what time and aircraft?

B767, 1730z
Can’t wait to do some sweet landings!

All sorted! Check above for callsing and thanks for coming

You’re welcome! I won my last competition (shameless flex) so hopefully for this one I’ll do the same!

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So yes, i can make this event. Any gate would be fine.

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Yes but please can you tell me what time you would like to depart!

I’ll depart 1710Zulu. Sorry for the massive replies, confused.

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