UPS Landing Competition @ VHHH - 031700ZMAR18

Server: Training
Region: Asia
Departure Airport: ZGSZ
Arrival Airport: VHHH
Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: UPS Virtual Airline is up and running, and after hosting its first event, which turned out to be a great successful, we are happy to announce our second event. We encourage any pilots to join us in a UPS Cargo aircraft of your choice to see how good your landing is! We will depart from ZGSZ one at a time (We will depart in the order of Callsigns!) before heading to VHHH to butter the bread! Details will be given via a group DM, closer to the scheduled date including FPL’s.

How to enter

Please provide us with the following details so we can get you listed correctly:

Requested Departure Time (This will determine your callsign):

Aircraft (Any UPS Aircraft):

Aircraft Operated by UPSVA

These are the aircraft you can operate for the event

The Airbus A330-200F is a long-range aircraft that can transport over half a million pounds of cargo. It is one of the more popular aircraft in Infinite Flight.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is Infinite Flight’s newest addition to the UPS fleet. This three engine beauty is capable of flying ultra long-haul flights while carrying hundreds of thousands of pounds of cargo.

Boeing 757-200F
The Boeing 757-200 is a short- to medium-range aircraft capable of carrying over 60,000 pounds of cargo with six and a half hours of fuel. It is mostly used for domestic air transportation.

Boeing 747-400
The iconic Boeing 747-400 is a four engine monster that can take your cargo from any airport to any airport without a stop to refuel. Its powerful engines can lift hundreds of thousands of pounds of cargo and still fly for over 18 hours.

Boeing 767-300
The Boeing 767-300 is a common UPS freighter aircraft that can fly for roughly 15 hours and is still able to carry over 100,000 pounds of cargo.

Cessna C208 Caravan
The Cessna 208 Caravan, while not a part of the real-world UPS’s fleet, is a modern, short-range cargo aircraft with impressive carrying capabilities and even more impressive short- and soft-field capabilities.

Departure Gates @ZGSZ

Cargo 051 @KapitanBrozy
Cargo 052 @Mariano
Cargo 053 @Kevinsoto1502
Cargo 054 @Cpt.TC
Cargo 055 @Clouds
Cargo 056 @Ryan_Vidad
Cargo 057
Cargo 058
Cargo 059
Cargo 060
Cargo 061
Cargo 062

More Gates are available if required

Arrival Gates @VHHH

Cargo 07 @KapitanBrozy
Cargo 08 @Mariano
Cargo 09 @Kevinsoto1502
Cargo 10 @Cpt.TC
Cargo 11 @Clouds
Cargo 12 @Ryan_Vidad
Cargo 13
Cargo 14
Cargo 15
Cargo 16
Cargo 17
Cargo 18
Cargo 19
Cargo 20
Cargo 21
Cargo 22
Cargo 23
Cargo 24
Cargo 25
Cargo 26
Cargo 27
Cargo 28
Cargo 29
Cargo 30
Cargo 31
Cargo 33
Cargo 34
Cargo 35

More Gates are available if required


UPSE01 - 1700Z- @Ryan_Vidad - MD-11F
UPSE02 - 1705Z-
UPSE03 - 1710Z- @Kevinsoto1502 - MD-11F
UPSE04 - 1715Z- @Clouds - TBC
UPSE05 - 1715Z-
UPSE06 - 1720Z-
UPSE07 - 1725Z- @Mariano - B744
UPSE08 - 1730Z- @Cpt.TC - B767
UPSE09 - 1735Z-
UPSE10 - 1740Z- @KapitanBrozy - MD-11F
UPSE11 - 1745Z
UPSE12 - 1750Z
UPSE13 - 1755Z
UPSE14 - 1800Z
UPSE15 - 1805Z
UPSE16 - 1810Z
UPSE17 - 1815Z
UPSE18 - 1820Z
UPSE19 - 1825Z
UPSE20 - 1830Z
UPSE21 - 1835Z
UPSE22 - 1840Z
UPSE23 - 1845Z
UPSE24 - 1850Z
UPSE25 - 1855Z
UPSE26 - 1900Z
UPSE27 - 1905Z
UPSE28 - 1910Z
UPSE29 - 1915Z
UPSE30 - 1920Z
UPSE31 - 1925Z
UPSE32 - 1930Z

Latest possible departure is 1930Z


To provide ATC for this event you will be required to undergo a short assessment to determine your ability but anybody if welcome to sign up! Nothing to worry about!

Let me know below if you would like to control and include what Frequency!

ZGSZ Ground
ZGSZ Tower
ZGSZ Departure
VHHH Tower @callum5124
VHHH Ground @callum5124

The frequencies are listed in order of contact by pilots during the event!

Notice: Please spawn 5-10 mins before takeoff time to allow for taxiing.

We hope you have time to join us for our exciting second event. See you in the skies!

To learn more about UPS Virtual including how to join, visit our main thread down below: UPS Virtual Airline || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Celebrating 500 Hours!


Sign me up - MD-11F and callsign - UPSE10!

See you there!

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I would sign up but I might be in the real VHHH on the day. I’ll see.

yep I am coming to event sounds cool

Ok thanks for your interest!

Please include the correct info in you post!

is the event in one minute

Thanks for coming!

I will add your gates shortly so check above in a few mins!

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march 18 when is that

What day is this I want to kniw

No it is next Saturday! Would you still be interested?

It is the 3rd of March 2018!

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Of course I’ll be there… haha sign me up! UPS127

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Hope you can come! Maybe you could land while looking at the rwy you are landing at?

Sign me up, B747-400 UPS27

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What time would you like? @Mariano

UPS27 1905Z @callum5124

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Great sorry thought you were saying your UPSVA Callsign!

No worries, I would like an earlier departure but didn’t want to make the call signs confusing

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So do you want an earlier time?

Yes please, UPSE07 1725Z

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No 747-8? I thought UPS had 747-8s.

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