ups @ksdf

CASUAL server Ups md11f group flight from louisville ksdf to klax los angeles
we will take the callsigns "ups 2xx heavy i am ups 200 heavy the first interested replier to this post will be ups 201 heavy, the second ups 202 heavy, etc. BUT REMEMBER TO ANNOUNCE YOUR CALLSIGN IN POST TO LET OTHERS KNOW THAT IT HAS BEEN TAKEN
we will spawn at the gate corresponding to your callsign (Ksdf cargo 200, ksdf cargo 201, etc)
i will pushback first once i am done i will announce taxi once i announce taxi the next plane in callsign order will begin pushback and so on so on
we will taxi to runway 35 left and take off in callsign order
fpl; FIX mendy FIX basmn VOR hlv VOR hbu VOR tnp FIX caral FIX eldrr FIX hunda ILS 25l klax
10 min after this post is when you should be there.
5 min later we will leave
on takeoff ascend to cruise at FL320 at 1800 VS once above 10,000 ft go 2200 VS
once in air go 240 kn once above 10,000 ft go 320 kn once change from kn to mach fly M0.86
at caral descend to 12000 ft and maintain 240 kn at eldrr decend to 4000 ft and maintain 200 kn

see you there

weight- 5hours of fuel + cargo to = 450000 lbs takeoff weight

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This is a Group Flight / Event

It’s up to mods to decide on the fate :)

I don’t think this is an event, he just wants people to do a group flight with him.

i know which is why im posting here

i said group flight which when a forum is the only form of communication can feel like an event to set up

i meant it as a flight not event

whos in for it???

Thats all we can do. ;)

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but whos in im waiting after all i did never say “event”

are any of you guys in?

Group flights = events. Please post there in the future if you meet the requirements