UPS Flights

Which UPS livery/ plane can go a far distance? need a overnight cargo flight

The MD/11F has surprisingly long range, as well as the A330F.


Departure airport? i need long haul

Try KSDF to PANC. Real world flight as well.

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KSDF is their superhub so that would be a place to start. I know Abu Dhabi would work as a nice overnight,


If you can’t think of anything then just use this brilliant site made by Chris Schaffer:

With cargo flights with mainstream cargo transporters you can pretty much fly from anywhere so if you were to use the random flight generator and select your own duration of flight time that would definitely work as a cargo flight for the most part. This is what I do a lot.

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Here’s a list of all their international destinations. Lot’s of choices.

Do different liveries have different fuel capacities?

The liveries themselves do not affect fuel capacity.


If you mean aircraft, then yes. The bigger it is (the aircraft), then the bigger fuel capacity it has. (Just for the UPS aircraft in Infinite Flight…)

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I’m a local of this place…

Here's a list of all UPS desinations out of KSDF

Albany (GA), Albany (NY), Albuquerque, Anchorage, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Billings, Birmingham (AL), Bogotá, Boston, Buffalo, Burbank, Casablanca, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Cleveland, Cologne/Bonn, Columbia (SC), Columbus–Rickenbacker, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Dubai, East Midlands, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Fort Wayne, Greensboro, Greenville/Spartanburg, Hamilton, Harrisburg, Hartford, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Houston–Intercontinental, Jackson (MS), Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lafayette, Lansing, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Manchester (NH), McAllen, Memphis, Mexico City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Montréal–Mirabel, Newark, Newburgh, New Orleans, New York–JFK, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Ontario, Orange County (CA), Orlando, Peoria, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Providence, Raleigh/Durham, Richmond, Sacramento–Mather, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Jose (CA), San Juan, Seattle–Boeing, Seoul–Incheon, Shanghai–Pudong, Sioux Falls, Springfield (MO), Syracuse, Tampa, Tokyo–Narita, Toronto–Pearson, Tulsa, Vancouver, Campinas–Viracopos, Washington–Dulles, West Palm Beach

Source: Wikipedia

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Very intrested but dont meet requirements

Go do a few touch and goes and you’ll have grade 3 in no time
You only need 7 landings


I know this is just brand new technology, but I know a couple of people that used it in the past with great success - it’s called google. Give it a try -


You’re almost there!

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It sucks that we don’t have the 767 or A300 for any of these routes as I love watching the UPS 767s especially. Also not to mention that the 767 has the second highest fleet number within the UPS fleet. (And yes, I’m aware that these are feature topics, I’m just pointing it out in reference to the routes.)

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The B747 will do that.

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