UPS' First 747-8F: "Spirit of Joe Sutter"

This is from her first arrival into Louisville, KY (SDF). She flew in from Everett, WA (PAE) yesterday (9/29/17) under the flight number UPS 7478. She had just been delivered to UPS prior to the flight. Under the cockpit windows/door you can see that she is named “Spirit of Joe Sutter”.



Very glad they’re honoring the man who grabbed the pencil and a paper to design what will later become an engineering giant. Great pictures, really beautiful!


Those are your photos? Nice! Never thought Louisville could get 747s.
These are also probably the last few 747-8s to be delivered ever. UPS has 15 in order I think.

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Great photos! I love the livery, expecially the UPS logo on the bottom of the nose:-D

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By far the best aircraft in Infinite flight.

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Louisville gets 747-400Fs daily. 747-8Fs should become weekly, if not daily, soon. We are home to UPS’ Worldport, so almost all of their traffic comes through here. It wasn’t carrying any cargo, that was just a delivery flight. It’ll be here for a while.

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Even though the UPS livery is quite simple, it’s one of the best on the 748F imo and the name just makes it so much more special :)

Also, a reminder again that if you haven’t already to go watch the story of how this beautiful plane came into existence here!

Spirit of Joe Sutter? Isn’t that the name for the IF Livery 788? Devs??


Really looks beautiful, UPS livery really fits it, RIP Joe Sutter

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Nice pics. Joe Sutter will always be remembered

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Whow! This has to be one of my favourite 748’s, if not the best.


I’m so happy to see the 747-8 in yet another livery! Mr Sutter definitely deserved this recognition. Very nice shots.


Rest Up Joe Sutter, father of the 747!


Great name, and a beautiful livery. This documentary really goes into depth about his contributions to the project, and the challenges he overcame:

Now I know what my first 747 flight in Global will be hehe

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