Ok, I’m geeking out right now. Being a USAF retiree after 20 years of service being both supply and a Command Post Controller in AMC Operations this is so impressive of air cargo operations


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Very informative and interesting documentary, thanks for sharing.

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Welcome and thank you for your service! It appears you’re near my neck of the woods as well (stationed at Moody AFB).

You’re quite close to trust level 2 so I’ve made the manual adjustment and moved your thread to #real-world-aviation. Enjoy your time here!


Awesome thanks, I’m in the Dobbins pattern, got A/C footage flying over Walmart on final lol, can read tail numbers. Go Kings! 91st RQS?

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Retired USAF, 1C3 and 2S0. TACC was last assignment, aside from my stent attached to the Army at Abu G


Thank you for your service and thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed learning about the logistics of UPS and FEDEX. That was quite impressive.

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