Ups delivery to Phoenix

My first time flying to Phoenix Sky Harbour Intl. Got to do some electronic deliveries for all the customers who had not recieved their PS5s. As part of the UPs crew we have a mission to deliver all packages to our customers on time and in one piece. All your PS5s will be dilevered to your door step or you can come on down to the South Cargo Ramp to pick it up in person.

KSDF Louisville Mohammed Ali Int to KPHX Phoenix Sky Habour Intl.

Flight Time: 2 hours and 53 minutes.
Boeing 747-8 Ups Livery.
Expert Server.

Loading up at Cargo 1111 at Louisville.

Taking off on Runway 17R.

Climbing to 35,000ft.

Cockit view of my decent over the state of Arizona.

Outside view.

Landing at Phoenix Sky Harbour on runway 25L.

Taxing to the Cargo Ramp.

Parked at the South Cargo Ramp 06.


Great Pictures! :)


Thank you very much. Make sure to collect your PS5 at the South Cargo Ramp or we can deliver it to you at your door step lol.


I like your photos and the approach direction in your outside photos. I haven’t tried approaching from that direction before in IF.

In the far distance I could make out you will fly nearly over Roosevelt lake and the downstream lake system that makes a desert city like Phoenix possible.

You’re roughly flying down over the Salt River system it seems, coming out from Louisville.

Wikipedia, Salt River:


Thanks for that information. I am not from the states but I will try my best to at least learn the geograghy of the area that I’m flying to.

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No worries. My main thing was that Phoenix doesn’t have as much contrast of ground colours as some other regions. But I was interested when I took your approach route, the water colouring of the narrow lake systems gave some interesting contrast to the desert.

Good pictures

Really love the photos!!

Lovely photos!

Very nice work!
Always lovely to see the Queen out for some exercise!

Very nice to see a ups 747 good job dude

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Thank you very much, Also did you collect your Ps5 lol?

Nice pics

I’m so glad we got a UPS 747 it’s about time

Maybe lol did u

I already got mine lol.