UPS Callsign Fix

I notice that when you use the UPS call sign in Infinite flight it say “Uniform Papa Sierra” instead of saying UPS in the real world i think this would be an great fix for the ICG VA and any cargo pilots out their like me

This is a problem, as is the KLM Kilo Lima Mike one


i didn’t know that callsign had an issue too it seems like any callsign that says KLM or UPS the game spells it out

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Probably because the bit of code that does the talking doesn’t recognise them as pronounceable words whereas with something like ‘Speedbird’ it says speed and bird.

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EVA Air has the same issue also. “Echo Victor Alpha” bugs me a lot. “Eee Vaa” is the correct pronunciation :(

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Great idea Patrick. If I had votes, I would vote for this

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This is already requested mate, add it to this:


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If I recall correctly, long time ago it used to say it correctly. I dont know why it changed.