UPS Boeing 747-8F

Shot up to over 60 likes! Come on everyone, we need more.


It looks like a beast 😍


Ya, looks like it has some gunnz too:-)

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It’s amazing how many people want it!

I know they don’t operate 747-8f now, but what about the BA World Cargo livery. I personally thought the livery suited the 747- 8f.

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My uncle flies this plane for UPS

they don’t have this plane yet. they just ordered it. Did you mean the 747-400?

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Hope this gets added!

wasn’t this closed? lol


if you were trying to upload a picture it didn’t work.

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Absolutly missing livery! Like ut😀

Yes, We really need more liverys for that plane:-)

isn’t this similar? Community Members Spotted on Live

When you mean the plane then no. It is rhe B757

That’s an 757
Livery is the same

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We have lots of planes with the same liverys. I don’t think it hurts to do UPS:-)


Add this - it’ll be a quick update


Yes! We need it!

The 747-8F in this livery would look cool in IF

Hope to see this livery IRL.