Ups b747-400f

Hello everyone! I looked around to see if there was a feature request for this aircraft, but they were dated and had little to no Information. So I present to you the UPS 747-400F

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Boeing 747


Boeing 747 Rework

*Why I want this?* - I think it would be nice to have the UPS livery on the 747-400. UPS operates many routes with their 747s and I think it would be a great addition to Infinite Flight.

Yes!!! You have my vote. I love the UPS livery on anything, but it looks best on the 747!

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I agree, it looks really good on any plane!

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came to IFC

saw feature request with the words “UPS” and “747”

clicked faster than a Colorado giraffe (if you don’t get the reference, you live under a rock 😂)

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Luckily, I am a man of culture, so I do get the reference.

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Lol 😂


waits for @UPSVirtual to say Dear Santa


There’s a UPS virtual?

clicks faster than a 9 year old on a Minecraft video


I already fly for FedEx Virtual, so can I fly for their competitor? 😂


I would agree, but I prefer the -8

Nice model 😍

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This livery needs to be added! The 747 is a workhorse for UPS. With UPS being such a big airline, this can’t go unadded.


Freed up a vote for this. Honestly the UPS and (unrelated) VS liveries need to be added.

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I agree, they need to be in IF, they are good liveries and complement the aircraft.

More info on the UPS’ 747-400F. Also a small bump.

747-400 Aircraft450x288

Compartment Load Capacity
Main: 29 - 96" x 125" (244cm. X 318cm.)
Position 1: 1 - 88" x 125" (224cm. X 318cm.)
Lower: 9 - 88" x 125" x 64" 3,285 cu. ft (93.0 cu. m.)
OR: 9 - 96" x 125" x 64" 3,855 cu. ft (109.2 cu. m.)
Lower Bulk Cargo Area: 920 cu ft (26 cu m)

Cargo Door Dimensions
Main Cargo Door 134" x 120" (340cm. X 310cm.)
Lower Forward Door 110" x 104" (168cm. X 264cm.)
Lower Aft Door 110" x 104" (168cm. X 264cm.)
Lower Aft Bulk Door 44" x 47" (112cm. X 119cm.)
Nose Cargo Door
The 747-400 freighters have a hinged nose that flips up to allow extra large or extra long shipments to be loaded and unloaded. This will be a useful feature for large cargo or freight shipments.


One thing I like about UPS is that they has many diverse route with this aircraft and it would be nice to fly them. The 747-400F can have many cool animations such as the side doors opening and nose opening.
Small bump!

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The UPS livery is definitely one of my favorite liveries for the 747-400! I hope it gets added if the 747 gets reworked and a cargo variant is added!

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I was bored so I quickly did something. First time editing, first glance looks pretty decent, but definitely will use a more ‘crop, copy and paste’ when editing newer stuff. Thought I’d have a go lol

Also definitely could put a darker tone in and shade it better, and edit behind the tail than just plonk some paint on it. For the record all the colours was a hex code of many photos of UPS 747-400’s. This is also a BDSF, it would’ve just been very easier to go off a standard built cargo 747 🤦‍♂️

Well I’m no art student, that’s why I chose Geography instead…lol

Definitely could work on the transition between colours. Not the best of curved lines between the colours 😂


That looks pretty good. I don’t think I could have done something as close to that. Good job!

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